IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2012-04-24

<pinotree> interesting, glibc on every OS except hurd (so including linux
  too) does not define O_EXEC
<pinotree> can somebody please help me understand a POSIX behaviour?
<pinotree> it's about fexecve:
<pinotree> basically, it seems to me (reading the "errors" and "application
  usage" sections) that O_EXEC for open() the fd is not mandatory, and if
  not used fexecve will check for file permission at call time?
<pinotree> because currently libdiskfs and libnetfs require the fd to be
  open with O_EXEC
<braunr> "Since execute permission is checked by fexecve(), the file
  description fd need not have been opened with the O_EXEC flag"
<braunr> this one makes it clear checking for O_EXEC is wrong
<braunr> it looks like O_EXEC is only needed when you want to have files
  for which only the execution permission is set
<braunr> but not the read one
<braunr> (i don't understand the "and write" part though)
<braunr> "exec will fail if the mode of the file associated with fd does
  not grant execute permission to the calling process at the time fexecve()
  is called."
<braunr> this one strengthens the impression you have, that fexecve indeed
  checks file permissions at the time it's called
<braunr> pinotree: hope it helps
<pinotree> so it implies the following:
<pinotree> O_RDONLY → exec works if the file is readable
<braunr> exec works if the file is readable and/or executable (although
  without read permissions you can't check it)
<braunr> (well, fexecve)
<pinotree> O_EXEC → exec requires that the permission of the file at
  fexecve() time have +x
<braunr> i'd say ye so far
<braunr> yes
<pinotree> so we need to fix lib{disk,net}fs then
<braunr> seems so
<pinotree> enlighting, merci braunr 
<braunr> de rien
<pinotree> :)