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IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2013-02-15

<ogi> braunr: i want to update my ext3fs server to ext4 actually
<braunr> you have an ext3 server ?
<ogi> braunr: this was my M.Sc. thesis and the 2G patch was a side effect
<ogi> braunr: but it easily crashes under stress, so not usable
<braunr> it does ?
<ogi> braunr: it's not available for download ATM
<braunr> are you sure it's not a thread storm issue caused by the
  unthrottled mach writebacks ?
<ogi> braunr: i don't know, haven't looked at it since 2004
<braunr> oh :)
<braunr> ok
<ogi> i have all ext3fs stuff archived, just haven't put it on
  http://fire.tower.3.bg/ yet
<tschwinge> ogi: If the copyright situation is clear, we can put it into
  upstream Git repositories, no matter how dirty it is.
<tschwinge> "dirty" in the sense of that it needs cleanup, has bugs, etc.
<ogi> so at some point i want to audit libdiskfs and then continue with
  ext4fs: https://savannah.gnu.org/patch/?1839