Debian bug #557771


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    • 6.4.1-2
    • 6.4.1-5
    • 6.4.1-10
    • 6.4.2-10
    • 6.4.5-9
    • 6.4.8-0 / Debian
    • 6.5.5-3 / Debian
    • from Debian unstable (also in testing)
    • Svn trunk (r848)

6.4.1-1 -> 6.4.1-2

-CFLAGS = -g -O2 -Wall -W -pthread
+CFLAGS = -fopenmp -g -O2 -Wall -W -pthread
+GOMP_LIBS = -lgomp
-LDFLAGS = -lfreetype -lz
+LDFLAGS = -fopenmp -lfreetype -lz



State as of 2011-03-06

freenode, #hurd channel, 2011-03-06:

<pinotree> tschwinge: (speaking on working perl, how did it en with that
  "(glibc) double free" crash with perl?)
<pinotree> *end
<tschwinge> I think I remember I suspected it's a libgomp (!) issue in the
  end.  I have not yet continued working on that.
<pinotree> libogmp? looks like you know more than me, then :)
<youpi> tschwinge: oh, I'm interested
<youpi> I know a bit about libgomp :)
<tschwinge> I bisected this down to where Imagemagick added -fgomp (or
  whatever it is).  And then the perl library ( which loads
  the segfaulted.
<tschwinge> ImageMagick did this change in the middle of a x.x.x.something
<tschwinge> My next step would have been to test whether libgomp works at
  all for us.
<youpi> ./usr/sbin/debootstrap:DEBOOTSTRAP_CHECKSUM_FIELD="SHA$SHA_SIZE"
<youpi> erf
<youpi> so they switched to another checksum
<youpi> but we don't have that one on all of our packages :)
<youpi> tschwinge: 
<youpi> buildd@bach:~$ OMP_NUM_THREADS=2 ./test
<youpi> I'm 0x1
<youpi> I'm 0x3
<youpi> libgomp works at least a bit
<tschwinge> OK.
<pinotree> i guess we should hope the working bits don't stop at that point
<tschwinge> If open_issues/perlmagick is to be believed a diff of 6.4.1-1
  and 6.4.1-2 should tell what exactly was changed.
<tschwinge> Oh!
<tschwinge> I even have it on the page already!  ;-)
<tschwinge> -fopenmp
<youpi> I've tried the pragmas that imagemagick uses
<youpi> they work
<tschwinge> Might be the issue fixed itself?
<youpi> I don't know, it's the latest libc here
<youpi> (and latest hurd, to be uploaded)


Debian bug #551017

Code in Svn: + 1 missing to account for both / and \0.