IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2011-04-02

<pinotree> youpi: i'm playing with pflocal, and noticing that a simple C
  executable doesn't trigger reauthenticate
<pinotree> youpi: i've put a debug output (to file) in S_io_reauthenticate,
  and with a simple C test (which uses unix sockets) it isn't called
<youpi> pinotree: it seems pflocal should return FS_RETRY_REAUTH in
<youpi> to make glibc call reauthentication
<pinotree> pflocal?
<youpi> yes, in the dir_lookup handler

dir lookup.

<pinotree> isn't that ext2fs?
<youpi> libtrivfs had dir_lookup() too
<youpi> trivfs_check_open_hook can be used to tweak its behavior
<pinotree> ah, missed that pflocal was using libtrivfs, sorry
<youpi> there are probably very few translators which don't use one of the
  lib*fs :)
<antrik> pinotree: what are you trying to do with pflocal?
<pinotree> local socket scredentials (SCM_CREDS)
<antrik> ah
<antrik> don't really know what that is, but I remember reading some
  mention of it ;-)

See also pflocal socket credentials for local sockets and sendmsg scm creds.