IRC, unknown channel, unknown date.

<azeem> seems pth still doesn't work
<bddebian> Doesn't build or doesn't work?
<azeem> both
<azeem> some configure test keep grinding the CPU, same for the test suite
<azeem> which apparently runs pth_init() and never returns

<azeem> actually, pth fails to build right now
<azeem> pth_mctx.c:477: error: request for member '__pc' in something not a structure or union

<azeem> I know the pth test suite fails (it locks up the machine) or used to fail, so I guess porting work for pth would be needed
<azeem> < marcusb> from reading the pth/PORTING document, porting libpth shouldn't be too hard...

<youpi> dropped pth [from the channel's topic], as we think we know why it fails (sigaltstack is bogus)