IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2011-08-12

< zyg> did the segment registers had any purpose? I see fs is set equal to
  others, but on linux fs is 0 (atleast on this x86 box).
< braunr> zyg: it can be used by special applications like wine, yes
< zyg> braunr: thanks.. I'm reading up on linux actually. It seems gs can
  be used for TLS, fs in syscall to pass userspace.
< braunr> zyg: why are you interested in that ?
< zyg> a native compiler under linux places assumptions on fs register. So
  I'm trying to find out what it should do under gnumach/hurd.
< braunr> what compiler ?
< zyg> braunr: it's sbcl
< braunr> ok
< youpi> zyg: the same, basically
< zyg> ok.. looking at the code, I've remarked where it sets up FS, because
  /usr/include/asm/ldt.h:struct user_desc is missing. I must search for the
< youpi> zyg: mach/i386/mach_i386.h
< youpi> the descriptor structure