IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2011-04-13

<abeaumont> ok, cause of first python testsuite failure located, now the
  hard part, how to best fix it :)
<abeaumont> how to redesign the code to avoid the problem... that's the
  hard part, mostly cause i lack contextual info
<abeaumont> tschwinge: the problem is pretty much summarized by this
  comment in _hurd_select (in glibc): /* If one descriptor is bogus, we
  fail completely.  */
<pochu> does POSIX say anything about what to do if one fd is invalid?
<pochu> and the other question is why python is calling select() with an
  invalid fd
<abeaumont> pochu: yep, it says it should not fail completelly
<pochu> then that's our bug :)
<pinotree> abeaumont: just note that (at least on debian) some tests may
  hang forever or cause hurd/mach to die
<pinotree> abeaumont: see in the debian/rules of the packaging of each
  pythonX.Y source
<pinotree> ... there's a list of the tests excluded from the test suite run
<abeaumont> well, to be precise, python has a configure check for
  'broken_poll' which hurd fails, and therefore python's select module is
  not built, and anything depending on it fails
<abeaumont> broken_poll checks exactly for that posix requirement
<abeaumont> the reason for python using a non-existant
  descriptor... unknown :D
<pochu> we should fix select to not fail miserably in that case
<pinotree> abeaumont: we have a patch to fix the broken poll check to
  actually disable the poll module
<pochu> pinotree: but the proper fix is to fix select(), which is what
  abeaumont is looking at
<abeaumont> pinotree: i'd say that's exactly what python's configure check
  does itself -- disable building the select module
<pochu> abeaumont: what pinotree means is that the check is broken, see
<pinotree> yes, the configure check for poll does the check, but not
  everything of the poll module gets disabled (and you get a build failure)

See also select and select vs signals.