This todo is primarily targetted at the Hurd proper and applications that rely on the Hurd interfaces.

  • psmisc

The tools provided by the psmisc package are linux centric. Killall and pstree, for instance, require Linux's proc file system but could just as easily use Hurd's libps.

  • tmpfs
  • ppp
  • unionfs/stowfs
  • supermount translator

From Marcus, 2002:

  • xkb driver for console (for international users)
  • kbd leds in console (well, in general, Roland's new driver in oskit for that crap)
  • fixing tmpfs (it's buggy, Neal says it's Mach's fault)
  • adding posix shared memory (requires the io_close call to be implemented)
  • adding posix file locking (requires the io_close call to be implemented)
  • testing
    • find + various filesystems (are inode numbers for . and .. sane?)
    • ext2fs with other block sizes than 4096
    • --help and --version and --usage in all programs
    • I have seen ^V in some --help output, might be argp bug
    • Verify that all options are documented clearly, and that no unimplemented options appear
    • Is the short and long description in the help output correct?
    • Is the return value of all programs correct (eg, does main() return a sane value)
    • Is the suid bit correctly set for all installed programs?
    • Translators
    • Does settrans -g work? -fg?
    • Does stat() work on all translated nodes and give proper data?
    • What about chown, chmod (some translators should pass this through to the underlying node, esp in /dev!)
    • Does statfs give correct data?
    • Are all inode numbers and link counts correct?
  • We also should have a "make check" test suite. We can add this once Jeff finished his automake patches
  • pick up the other things
    • new console is basically done
    • needs integration of course
    • X switching support
  • there is certainly more to do ...

Wolfgang list of Easy tasks on July 28, 2002:

Difficulty Task
0 Check if all programs handle options (at least --help, --version and --usage; don't forget about the shell scripts)
1 Check if all translators respond to "settrans -g"
1 More tests of this kind
2 Fix those of the above who don't work as intended
2 Document (in doc/hurd.texi) all undocumented programs (translators as well as programs in utils/ and sutils/ and some others)
1 Find a POSIX test suite, run it on GNU/Hurd, report the results
1 Find more useful test suites to run
3 Update INSTALL-cross
2 Check if all the store classes in libstore work (we have many of them, look into the Makefile)
4 Fix those who don't work
2 Document all still undocumented store classes
2 The console is pretty new code, it told me it wants to get tested

Where difficulty 0 means trivial and 4 means tricky; the difficulty has nothing to do with the importance.