IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2013-02-09

<youpi> also, can you actually gdb a process of another subhurd?
<braunr> yes
<youpi> but you need to talk to its proc server, don't you?
<braunr> i don't know
<braunr> but i did it several times
<youpi> how?
<braunr> the usual way
<braunr> gdb /path/to/bin pid
<youpi> but which pid?
<braunr> the hard part was finding the right pid
<youpi> well, gdb still needs to talk with the right proc too
<braunr> i don't think it does
<youpi> btw about the "unable to adjust libports thread priority" errors
  I'm seeing on the buildd consoles
<braunr> from what i've seen, proc "creates" tasks when it first sees them
<youpi> it's about the destination port
<braunr> yes
<braunr> i have those when starting a subhurd too
<youpi> so it would mean that proc somehow got bogus
<youpi> ah
<youpi> so  you can actually use your own proc
<braunr> yes
<braunr> and it feels bogus to me
<youpi> and I guess mach lets that proc access the task because your proc
  is privileged
<braunr> probably
<braunr> it feels bogus because, you can't rely on pids being allocated per
<braunr> what i mean is that, if some tasks spawn and die quickly
<braunr> and you start another application running long enough to see it in
<braunr> it's pid will be +1, not +the number of created tasks
<braunr> which means the proc server will never have seen those previous
<braunr> it's minor but a bit confusing
<braunr> i personally don't like seeing the tasks of other systems in ps :/
<braunr> and despite the ability to use gdb from another hurd, i think we
  should improve the intra system debugging tools