IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2013-08-01

<braunr> teythoon: can you stop tmux on darnassus please ?
<braunr> i'd like to check something
<teythoon> done
<braunr> tmux makes load average grow to 5 without any visible activity :/
<braunr> can't reproduce it with my instances though
<braunr> anyway, that's minor
<teythoon> I used tmux before and never encountered that
<teythoon> sometimes tmux would hang on attaching or detaching though, but
  overall I had less problems with tmux than with screen
<teythoon> ah, I tried to start tmux on darnassus and now it hangs

IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2014-02-04

<teythoon> braunr: whoa, i can reproduce gnu_srs' hanging ssh sessions on
<teythoon> here goes
<teythoon> run tmux, exit the shell so that tmux quits, start tmux again
  (tmux hangs now on some socket stuff), log in with ssh again, pkill tmux,
  rm /tmp/tmux*/default => both ssh sessions hang and time out eventually
<braunr> why start tmux twice ?
<teythoon> dunno
<teythoon> that's what i just did, twice in a row
<teythoon> there's a bug somewhere that makes tmux hang if the socket
  exists but no tmux server is running
<teythoon> maybe that contributes to to the other issuse, i don't know
<braunr> looks like an infinite loop somewhere
<gnu_srs> teythoon: Nice to set that I'm not alone having this problem:P
<braunr> teythoon: what's happening ? :)
<teythoon> ?
<braunr> on darnassus
<teythoon> not sure
<teythoon> uh, something is very wrong o_O
<teythoon> help ?
<braunr> :)
<braunr> the msg thread of a process is blocked somewhere
<braunr> preventing ps/top from completing
<braunr> looks like proc is blocked now ..
<braunr> restarting the vm
<braunr> apparently, removing buggy tmux sockets make pflocal crash
<braunr> thanks for the report :)
<teythoon> you are welcome :)