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IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2013-08-23

<youpi> good news
<youpi> with a couple small patches, openvpn does work as joe user

IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2013-08-30

<youpi> it's really cool that openvpn ended up working completely the day
  before :)

IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2013-09-03

<_d3f> Hey guys, how did you get openvpn working on the Hurd? just curious
  as I saw it in the GHM video
<_d3f> no one here who has a clue how to get *vpn working on the Hurd?
<braunr> _d3f: youpi did it
<braunr> i don't know the details
<_d3f> okay, I will question him when I see him around, thx. Do you know if
  it was a lot of work to get the tun device working? Because I would like
  to use tinc on the Hurd.
<braunr> _d3f: a bit but not that much either
<_d3f> braunr: well, okay. Do you know if the source of his 'port' is
  online, I haven't found it :/
<braunr> it should be soon

IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2013-09-04

<_d3f> youpi: you are the guy who has brought openvpn to the hurd, right? I
  would like to know how you got the tun/tap thing working as I would like
  to use tinc on it. :)
<youpi> _d3f: essentially no modification of openvpn iirc
<youpi> just tell it to open the tun node created by pfinet
<youpi> and read/write it
<youpi> i.e. the existing generic code in place in openvpn
<_d3f> I will have a look at it, somekind tinc builds with the linux
  specific device.c but I wasn't able to exchange keys. I will have a look
  at the device handling again and try to get the pfinet tun node used.

IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2013-09-07

<d3f> anyone here knows how /dev/net is handled on the hurd? Programs using
  it say it's not a directory. I tried creating one and setting a netdde
  translator for a tun device in it, but this may be wrong as it doesn't
<teythoon> d3f: what does /dev/net do?
<teythoon> ah, its tun/tap stuff...
<d3f> on my gnu/linux it includes a tun device
<teythoon> right
<d3f> I am still reading about the Hurd and try to understand /hurd/netdde
  and devnode but by now I am quite sure I will need those to set a tun
  networktranslator on /dev/net/tun?
<teythoon> hm, I don't think netdde or devnode will be of any help
<teythoon> afaiui devnode makes mach devices available in the hurdish way,
  i.e. available for lookup in the filesystem
<teythoon> d3f: ping youpi if he shows up, he hacked up openvpn to work on
  the hurd
<d3f> yeah I know, I talked to him as I am tring to get tinc working on the
  Hurd (tinc builds by now). I will give him a shot about creating the
  "tun" device