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OpenVPN can use pfinet's tun as it is, and be configured completely as joe user, as shown below. Note that the tun0 node name has to begin with "tun", so pfinet knows it's a tun.

$ mkdir -p $HOME/servers/socket
$ touch $HOME/servers/tun0
$ settrans -ca $HOME/servers/socket/2 /hurd/pfinet $HOME/servers/tun0 -a -p
$ cat vpn.conf
dev tun
dev-node /home/samy/servers/tun0
$ openvpn --config vpn.conf --verb 5

So we let openvpn running, and now we can make applications use the pfinet TCP/IP stack started above: the remap command below starts a new shell, where it redirects /servers/socket/2 (where the system TCP/IP stack resides) onto $HOME/servers/socket/2 (where the new TCP/IP stack resides).

$ remap /servers/socket/2 $HOME/servers/socket/2
$ wget

Ideally openvpn would be made to setup pfinet itself, but at least for now it can be configured by hand like that.

It would probably be possible to make pfinet able to produce a tap too, would need some code.

IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2013-09-07

<d3f> anyone here knows how /dev/net is handled on the hurd? Programs using
  it say it's not a directory. I tried creating one and setting a netdde
  translator for a tun device in it, but this may be wrong as it doesn't
<teythoon> d3f: what does /dev/net do?
<teythoon> ah, its tun/tap stuff...
<d3f> on my gnu/linux it includes a tun device
<teythoon> right
<d3f> I am still reading about the Hurd and try to understand /hurd/netdde
  and devnode but by now I am quite sure I will need those to set a tun
  networktranslator on /dev/net/tun?
<teythoon> hm, I don't think netdde or devnode will be of any help
<teythoon> afaiui devnode makes mach devices available in the hurdish way,
  i.e. available for lookup in the filesystem
<teythoon> d3f: ping youpi if he shows up, he hacked up openvpn to work on
  the hurd
<d3f> yeah I know, I talked to him as I am tring to get tinc working on the
  Hurd (tinc builds by now). I will give him a shot about creating the
  "tun" device

tun has indeed nothing to do with devnode and netdde, it's pfinet which creates it, as documented above.