IRC, frenode, #hurd, 2012-11-04

<tschwinge> braunr, pinotree, youpi: Has either of you already figured out
  what [glibc]/sysdeps/mach/hurd/dl-sysdep.c:fmh »XXX loser kludge for
  vm_map kernel bug« is about?
<pinotree> tschwinge: ETOOLOWLEVELFORME :)
<pinotree> tschwinge: 5bf62f2d3a8af353fac661b224fc1604d4de51ea added it
<braunr> tschwinge: no, but that looks interesting
<braunr> i'll have a look later
<tschwinge> Heh, "interesting".  ;-)
<tschwinge> It seems related to vm_map's mask
  parameter/ELF_MACHINE_USER_ADDRESS_MASK, though the latter in only used
  in the mmap implementation in sysdeps/mach/hurd/dl-sysdep.c (in mmap.c, 0
  is passed; perhaps due to the bug?).
<tschwinge> braunr: Anyway, I'd already welcome a patch to simply turn that
  into a more comprehensible form.
<braunr> tschwinge: ELF_MACHINE_USER_ADDRESS_MASK is defined as "Mask
  identifying addresses reserved for the user program, where the dynamic
  linker should not map anything."
<braunr> about the vm_map parameter, which is a mask, it is described by
  "Bits asserted in this mask must not be asserted in the address returned"
<braunr> so it's an alignment constraint
<braunr> the kludge disables alignment, apparently because gnumach doesn't
  handle them correctly for some cases
<tschwinge> braunr: But ELF_MACHINE_USER_ADDRESS_MASK is 0xf8000000, so I'd
  rather assume this means to restrict to addresses lower than 0xf8000000.
  (What are whigher ones reserved for?)
<braunr> tschwinge: the linker i suppose
<braunr> tschwinge: sorry, i don't understand what
  ELF_MACHINE_USER_ADDRESS_MASK really is used for :/
<braunr> tschwinge: it looks unused for the other systems
<braunr> tschwinge: i guess it's just one way to partition the address
  space, so that the linker knows where to load libraries and mmap can
  still allocate large contiguous blocks
<braunr> tschwinge: 0xf8000000 means each "chunk" of linker/other blocks
  are 128 MiB large
<tschwinge> braunr: OK, thanks for looking.  I guess I'll ask Roland about
<braunr> it could be that gnumach isn't good at aligning to large values


IRC, frenode, #hurd, 2013-01-22

In context of libpthread.

<braunr> pinotree: do you understand what the fmh function does in
  sysdeps/mach/hurd/dl-sysdep.c ?
<braunr> ok i understand what it does
<braunr> and youpi has changed the code, so he does too
<braunr> youpi: do you have a suggestion about how to solve this issue in
  the fmh function ?
<youpi> do we remember which bug it's after?
<braunr> what do you mean ?
<braunr> ah
<braunr> no :/
<braunr> it could be a good occasion to get rid of it, yes