A program for managing a WWW site via FTP, DAV or HTTP.
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Here is the output of grep -R PATH_MAX sitecopy-0.16.6/*:

intl/dcigettext.c:   PATH_MAX but might cause redefinition warnings when sys/param.h is
intl/dcigettext.c:#ifndef _POSIX_PATH_MAX
intl/dcigettext.c:# define _POSIX_PATH_MAX 255
intl/dcigettext.c:#if !defined PATH_MAX && defined _PC_PATH_MAX
intl/dcigettext.c:# define PATH_MAX (pathconf ("/", _PC_PATH_MAX) < 1 ? 1024 : pathconf ("/", _PC_PATH_MAX))
intl/dcigettext.c:#if defined HAVE_SYS_PARAM_H && !defined PATH_MAX && !defined MAXPATHLEN
intl/dcigettext.c:#if !defined PATH_MAX && defined MAXPATHLEN
intl/dcigettext.c:# define PATH_MAX MAXPATHLEN
intl/dcigettext.c:#ifndef PATH_MAX
intl/dcigettext.c:# define PATH_MAX _POSIX_PATH_MAX
intl/dcigettext.c:    path_max = (unsigned int) PATH_MAX;
src/ftp.c:#include <limits.h>   /* for PATH_MAX */
src/ftp.c:#ifndef PATH_MAX
src/ftp.c:#define PATH_MAX 2048
src/ftp.c:    char cwd[PATH_MAX];
src/ftp.c:    char dir[PATH_MAX];
src/ftp.c:    if (!sess->use_cwd || fn[0] != '/' || strlen(fn) > PATH_MAX)
debian/patches/10_bts410703_preserve_storage_files_sigint.dpatch:+    char filebuf[PATH_MAX];
debian/patches/10_bts410703_preserve_storage_files_sigint.dpatch:+    char filebuf[PATH_MAX];


Not yet started.

One of the PATH_MAX if used in debian patch.