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bayonne.h File Reference
#include <cc++/script3.h>
#include <cc++/audio2.h>
#include <cc++/socket.h>
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Data Structures

class  ost::StreamingBuffer
 Streaming buffer for audio, to be used in bgm audio sources. More...
class  ost::StaticKeydata
 Bayonnne specific static keydata class. More...
class  ost::DynamicKeydata
 Bayonne specific dynamic keydata class. More...
class  ost::ReconfigKeydata
 Bayonne specific reloaded keydata class. More...
class  ost::Bayonne
 Generic Bayonne master class to reference various useful data types and core static members used for locating resources found in libbayonne. More...
struct  ost::Bayonne::libaudio_t
struct  ost::Bayonne::regauth_t
struct  ost::Bayonne::Event
 The event data structure includes the event identifier and any paramaters. More...
class  ost::Bayonne::Ring
 This is an internal ring class for synchronized ringing. More...
class  ost::Bayonne::Traffic
 This is a class used for collecting statistics for call traffic measurement, such as might be used by MRTG. More...
struct  ost::Bayonne::RPCDefine
 This is a structure used to initialize XMLRPC method tables. More...
class  ost::Bayonne::RPCNode
 This is a little class used to associate XMLRPC call method tables with our server. More...
struct  ost::Bayonne::statetab
 A list of each state and a description. More...
struct  ost::Bayonne::State
 The primary state data structure. More...
class  ost::BayonneZeroconf
 This class is used to bind services that are to be published with zeroconf, such as by the avahi module. More...
class  ost::BayonneConfig
 A bayonne config class, used for special purposes, especially during script compiles. More...
class  ost::BayonneTranslator
 A core class to support language translation services in Bayonne phrasebook. More...
class  ost::BayonneAudio
 Offers core Bayonne audio processing in a self contained class. More...
class  ost::BayonneMsgport
 Bayonne Msgports are used to queue and post session events which normally have to be passed through another thread context. More...
class  ost::BayonneDriver
 The principle driver node for a given collection of spans and sessions of a given Bayonne driver family type. More...
class  ost::BayonneSpan
 A span is a collection of ports under a single control interface or communication channel, such as a T1/E1/PRI/BRI span. More...
class  ost::BayonneBinder
 An intermediary binder class for Bayonne engine. More...
class  ost::BayonneBinder::Image
class  ost::BayonneSession
 The primary session object representing a server timeslot and active communication endpoint in Bayonne. More...
class  ost::BayonneRPC
 Bayonne RPC arguments, may be passed through to binders from webservice sessions for extensions to soap & xmlrpc services. More...
struct  ost::BayonneRPC::params
class  ost::BayonneService
 Bayonne services are used for threaded modules which may be installed at runtime. More...
class  ost::ScriptEngine
 Offers interface bridge for embedded scripting engines through an abstract interface. More...




#define NO_TIMESLOT   0xffff
#define MAX_DTMF   32
#define MAX_LIST   256
#define MAX_LIBINPUT   256
#define MAX_PATHNAME   256
#define MIN_AUDIOFEED   (120 * 8)
#define MAX_AUDIOFEED   (600 * 8)
#define RPC_MAX_PARAMS   96
#define PFD_INVALID   -1
#define SLOG_DEBUG(x,...)


size_t ost::xmlwrite (char **buf, size_t *max, const char *fmt,...)


class __EXPORT ost::BayonneMsgport
class __EXPORT ost::BayonneDriver
class __EXPORT ost::BayonneSession
class __EXPORT ost::BayonneSpan
class __EXPORT ost::BayonneService
class __EXPORT ost::BayonneTranslator
class __EXPORT ost::BayonneRPC
class __EXPORT ost::ScriptEngine

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Definition at line 53 of file bayonne.h.

#define MAX_AUDIOFEED   (600 * 8)

Definition at line 60 of file bayonne.h.

#define MAX_DTMF   32

Definition at line 55 of file bayonne.h.

#define MAX_LIBINPUT   256

Definition at line 57 of file bayonne.h.

#define MAX_LIST   256

Definition at line 56 of file bayonne.h.

#define MAX_PATHNAME   256

Definition at line 58 of file bayonne.h.

#define MIN_AUDIOFEED   (120 * 8)

Definition at line 59 of file bayonne.h.

#define NO_TIMESLOT   0xffff

Definition at line 54 of file bayonne.h.

#define PFD_INVALID   -1

Definition at line 66 of file bayonne.h.

#define RPC_MAX_PARAMS   96

Definition at line 61 of file bayonne.h.

#define SLOG_DEBUG (   x,

Definition at line 76 of file bayonne.h.