Sys::System class reference
[Core module]


#include <Goptical/Sys/System>

namespace Goptical {
namespace Sys {
class System;

This class is a member of the Sys namespace.



This class is used to describe an optical system. Any optical element may be part of a system. This class handle 3d transformation between elements local coordinates.

See also Building the optical system section.


See also the full member list section for this class.

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Create a new empty system.

virtual ~System()  

No documentation available

Surface * colide_next(const Trace::Params &params, Math::VectorPair3 &intersect, const Trace::Ray &ray) const  

Find surface which colides with the given ray and update intersection point

Element & get_element(unsigned int index) const  

Get registered element. first element has index 1

unsigned int get_element_count() const  

Get the number of registered elements in the system

const Surface & get_entrance_pupil() const  

Get defined entrance pupil surface or try to guess it if none defined

const Material::Base & get_environment() const  

get environment material

const Surface & get_exit_pupil() const  

Get exit pupil

const Math::Transform<3> & get_global_transform(const Element &from) const  

Get transform from element local to global coordinates

const Math::Transform<3> & get_local_transform(const Element &to) const  

Get transform from global to element local coordinates

const Trace::Params & get_tracer_params() const  

Get default tracer parameters

Trace::Params & get_tracer_params()  

Get default tracer parameters

const Math::Transform<3> & get_transform(const Element &from, const Element &to) const  

Get transform between two elements local coordinates

unsigned int get_version() const  

Get system version. version is updated each time system or associated elements properties are changed

bool has_entrance_pupil() const  

Test if an entrance pupil has been defined

bool has_exit_pupil() const  

Test if an exit pupil has been defined

void set_entrance_pupil(const const_ref<Surface> &entrance)  

Define an entrance pupil surface used to project source rays

void set_environment(const const_ref<Material::Base> &env)  

set environment material

void set_exit_pupil(const const_ref<Surface> &exit)  

Define an exit pupil surface

void undef_entrance_pupil()  

Discard defined entrance pupil

void update_version()  

Increase current system version

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