There is a QEMU image with Debian GNU/Hurd pre-installed available as


$ wget
$ tar -xz < debian-hurd.img.tar.gz
$ qemu -m 512 -drive cache=writeback,file=$(echo debian-hurd-*.img)

If you have troubles extracting the image, you can use the gz version, the zip version, or even the plain version (3GiB!)

See the discussion about writeback caching.

Just in case you were wondering: the root password is empty.

For more detailed instructions, please see the QEMU page.

IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2014-03-10

<mcsim> scp doesn't work either
<braunr> what ?
<braunr> why wouldn't it ?
<mcsim> scp -P5555 -r ./hurd/ root@localhost:/root/src/
<mcsim> root@localhost's password: 
<mcsim> The Hurd is not Linux. Make sure to read
<braunr> that shouldn't happen ...
<braunr> use tar maybe ?
<mcsim> the same with tar archive
<braunr> :/
<braunr> i don't know what to tell you
<braunr> i don't have that problem

IRC, freenode, #hurd, 2014-03-11

<teythoon> braunr: mcsims scp problem is b/c youpis images echo stuff from
  the .bashrc or something
<teythoon> i wish he'd change that, as it is a reoccuring problem
<teythoon> youpi: ^
<teythoon> (didn't realize you are around >,<)
<teythoon> now that /etc/issue is displayed, you can put the welcome text
<braunr> teythoon: i see
<teythoon> mcsim: your ssh trouble are rooted in the .bashrc printing some
  stuff to stdout
<mcsim> teythoon: thank you. It works now
<teythoon> :)