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libosip File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
fsm.h [code]
internal.h [code]
osip.h [code]OSIP fsm Routines
osip_accept.h [code]OSIP osip_accept header definition
osip_accept_encoding.h [code]OSIP osip_accept_encoding header definition
osip_accept_language.h [code]OSIP osip_accept_language header definition
osip_alert_info.h [code]OSIP osip_alert_info header definition
osip_allow.h [code]OSIP osip_allow header definition
osip_authentication_info.h [code]OSIP osip_authentication_info header definition
osip_authorization.h [code]OSIP osip_authorization header definition
osip_body.h [code]OSIP SIP Message Body Routines
osip_call_id.h [code]OSIP osip_call_id header definition
osip_call_info.h [code]OSIP osip_call_info header definition
osip_condv.h [code]OSIP condition variables definitions
osip_const.h [code]
osip_contact.h [code]OSIP osip_contact header definition
osip_content_disposition.h [code]OSIP osip_content_disposition header definition
osip_content_encoding.h [code]OSIP osip_content_encoding header definition
osip_content_length.h [code]OSIP osip_content_length header definition
osip_content_type.h [code]OSIP osip_content_type header definition
osip_cseq.h [code]OSIP osip_cseq header definition
osip_dialog.h [code]OSIP dialog Routines
osip_error_info.h [code]OSIP osip_error_info header definition
osip_fifo.h [code]OSIP fifo Routines
osip_from.h [code]OSIP osip_from header definition
osip_header.h [code]OSIP osip_header definition
osip_headers.h [code]OSIP osip_headers definition
osip_list.h [code]OSIP list Routines
osip_md5.h [code]
osip_message.h [code]OSIP SIP Message Accessor Routines
osip_mime_version.h [code]OSIP osip_mime_version header definition
osip_mt.h [code]OSIP Thread, Mutex and Semaphore definitions
osip_negotiation.h [code]
osip_parser.h [code]OSIP SIP Parser additionnal Routines
osip_port.h [code]
osip_proxy_authenticate.h [code]OSIP osip_proxy_authenticate header definition
osip_proxy_authentication_info.h [code]OSIP osip_proxy_authentication_info header definition
osip_proxy_authorization.h [code]OSIP osip_proxy_authorization header definition
osip_record_route.h [code]OSIP osip_record_route header definition
osip_rfc3264.h [code]OSIP sdp negotiation facility
osip_rfc3264i.h [code]
osip_route.h [code]OSIP osip_route header definition
osip_time.h [code]
osip_to.h [code]OSIP osip_to header definition
osip_uri.h [code]OSIP url parser Routines
osip_via.h [code]OSIP osip_via header definition
osip_www_authenticate.h [code]OSIP osip_www_authenticate header definition
parser.h [code]
sdp_message.h [code]OSIP SDP parser Routines
xixt.h [code]

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