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This section of this site is reserved for guidelines, how to's or anything else that will assist Contributors, developers and administrators with this project and perhaps Tetun generally.

A browsable transcription of the Cliff Morris English < > Tetun dictionary is held at this site for general use.: Browse The Morris Dictionary

The dictionary is also available as a compressed set in xhtml format: Download the Complete Morris Dictionary

The source xml file(s) are also available for download:docbook xml file and compressed (tar gzipped) cliffMorris.xml.tar.gz

A reasonably brief overview of Kjartan Maraas' Gnome Translation Guide is at this site: Translation of the GNOME desktop environment : This document gives you an overview of the processes involved with the code itself. Here at the Tetum project we hope to keep that at arms length for you.

How long is a piece of string ?

This project is of course powered by GNU / Linux software, and managed by volunteers. how much you get out of it is probably dependant on how much you put into it. What this project does not attempt to do is become a training ground for new hackers, or linguists. For that we need to send you off to other sites and resources. Eventually we hope to have all the resources you need to translate GNU based software into Tetun and maybe a little more. As we (and I mean you) become more proficient at this task we hope that we can share the skills and technologies here at this site.

If you have a great link or resource that you think will be useful here please send it to us. If you have worked your way through Gettext and PO files why not write a how-to for all of us to reference. (all the better if you write it in Tetun !). If you would like to translate the entire site (or any part of it) into Tetun <beg>please contact us </ beg> we would be more than happy to help with access and cross linking, or whatever it takes :)

The Savannah Web Pages

There are two main web-sites for the Tetun project at Savannah. This web-site you are currently reading and the Project Site at Savannah.

Perhaps the most useful resource available here is the Savannah Tetum project site. This is kept separate from this "user-land" web-site and contains much that is useful and interesting.

The summary page is the place to start : https://savannah.gnu.org/projects/tetum/ along the top you will find links to:

MainHomepageFilesSupportMailing ListsCVSBugsTasksPatchesNews

Generally there is quite good info there about how to use and access those tools.

If something is not clear or just plain does not work please let me know. I will try to "fix it" for all of us..

External Resources

Here are some links to other sites that may be useful or informative.

All attempts are made to comply with the Authorities and Standards shown below. (Where they apply or are appropriate)

GNU Software
Gettext GNU Site
Auto Make
Tutorial for Auto Tools
GCC The Gnu Compiler Collection
Gnome Developers
Gnome Translation
International Standards
FSF/UNESCO Free Software Directory
CVS The Concurrent versioning System
Podedit Edits gettext po files
gtranslator - Edits gettext po files
Dictd A dictionary server
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