Levitating, Meditating, Flute-playing Gnu

 [Levitating, Meditating, Flute-playing Gnu] 

This color drawing depicts a levitating gnu, deep in meditation, wrapped snugly in a gold robe. Both he and his computer float gracefully above the floor—only his tail lightly touches the ground. He gently holds a recorder between his front hooves, as if he has just gotten the inspiration to charm his computer with music. There is a gleam in his eyes as he gazes ahead at his computer screen.

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We thank the artists of the Nevrax Design Team for drawing this beautiful picture, and their employer, Nevrax Limited, for giving them time to work on it.

Free Software poster

The words “Free Software” are written in very large print (light gray over white) behind the flute-playing Gnu.

  • JPEG  1.5MB (3000x4000)

A black-background wallpaper was made from this poster by Gonzalo Pineda.

Microphone variant

The computer is replaced with a microphone. This modified version was made by Aurélio A. Heckert for the website of Papo Livre (Free Chat), a Brazilian podcast on free software.

Copyright © 2001 Free Software Foundation, Inc. (original image and poster)
Copyright © 2017 Aurélio A. Heckert (microphone variant)

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