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10 Algebra

This section covers the Calc features that help you work with algebraic formulas. First, the general sub-formula selection mechanism is described; this works in conjunction with any Calc commands. Then, commands for specific algebraic operations are described. Finally, the flexible rewrite rule mechanism is discussed.

The algebraic commands use the a key prefix; selection commands use the j (for “just a letter that wasn’t used for anything else”) prefix.

See Editing Stack Entries, to see how to manipulate formulas using regular Emacs editing commands.

When doing algebraic work, you may find several of the Calculator’s modes to be helpful, including Algebraic Simplification mode (m A) or No-Simplification mode (m O), Algebraic entry mode (m a), Fraction mode (m f), and Symbolic mode (m s). See Mode Settings, for discussions of these modes. You may also wish to select Big display mode (d B). See Normal Language Modes.