About GNU/Emms

Emms is the Emacs Multimedia System. Emms displays and plays multimedia from within GNU/Emacs using a variety of external players and from different sources.

Emms can run as a minimalist player and controlled with a handful of M-x Emacs commands, or a fully-fledged, interactive media browser. Emms can display album art, play streaming audio, tag music files, search for lyrics, provide MPD connectivity, control the volume, and more.

Get Emms

Version 7.5 (released June 19, 2021) is available via GNU ELPA.

New in this version: Emms makes a major release every six months, and minor releases as demanded. A complete change-log is available here.

The development repository is hosted at Savannah and available with: $ git clone https://git.savannah.gnu.org/git/emms.git

Get Started

GNU/Emms comes with a robust manual which includes a Quickstart Guide.

Get Help and Get Involved

Send an email to the mailing list or ask on IRC on the #emacs and #emsig channels over at freenode.net. We are always looking for bug reports, patches, and new developers, so don't be a stranger and get in touch.


screenshot of Emms in use
screenshot of Emms in use