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GDB: The GNU Project Debugger

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GDB: The GNU Project Debugger

What is GDB?

GDB, the GNU Project debugger, allows you to see what is going on `inside' another program while it executes -- or what another program was doing at the moment it crashed.

GDB can do four main kinds of things (plus other things in support of these) to help you catch bugs in the act:

Those programs might be executing on the same machine as GDB (native), on another machine (remote), or on a simulator. GDB can run on most popular UNIX and Microsoft Windows variants, as well as on Mac OS X.

What Languages does GDB Support?

GDB supports the following languages (in alphabetical order):

GDB version 11.1

Version 11.1 of GDB, the GNU Debugger, is now available for download. See the ANNOUNCEMENT for details including changes in this release.

An errata list (PROBLEMS) and documentation are also available.


September 13th, 2021: GDB 11.1 Released!

The latest version of GDB, version 11.1, is available for download.

This version of GDB includes the following changes and enhancements:

See the NEWS file for a more complete and detailed list of what this release includes.

July 3rd, 2021: GDB 11 branch created

The GDB 11 branch (gdb-11-branch) has been created. To check out a copy of the branch use:

git clone --branch gdb-11-branch git://sourceware.org/git/binutils-gdb.git

Apr 25th, 2021: GDB 10.2 Released!

The latest version of GDB, version 10.2, is available for download.

This is a minor corrective release over GDB 10.1, fixing the following issues:

Nov 28, 2006: Reversible Debugging

The GDB maintainers are looking for contributors interested in reversible debugging.

Late breaking information, such as recently added features, can be found in the NEWS file in the gdb source tree. Old announcements are in the news archive.

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