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GDB: The GNU Project Debugger

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Release schedule for GDB

Branch:June (2021-06-05)TBD
Pre-release:[as soon as branched][as soon as branched]
Release:June (2021-06-19)TBD
reSpin:[3 months after release][3 months after release]

Problems that should be resolved before the next release are marked as ``high priority'' in the bug database.

GDB's schedule works on a slip-for-slip basis. If, for some reason, the branch date slips, the release date will slip by an equivalent amount.

Schedule History (approximate)

ReleaseEstimateScheduleActualSlip (months)Comment
11.12021-062021-062021-09-12 3Same as 10.2: New blocking issues kept being found, not all at once, but progressively :-(; additional delays due to Summer Holidays
10.22021-022021-022021-04-25 3New blocking issues kept being found, not all at once, but progressively :-(
10.12020-082020-082020-10-24 3Large number of issues to investigate, some complex; additional delays from Summer Holidays
9.22019-052019-052020-05-23 0.5Very few requests for fixes in 9.2
9.12019-122019-122020-02-08 1.5Large number of issues to investigate
8.3.12019-082019-092019-09-20 0.5None
8.32019-022019-022019-05-11 3Several difficult issues deemed blocking for 8.3 (new styling feature, Windows native support, ...)
8.2.12018-122018-122018-12-23 0.5None
8.22018-062018-062018-09-05 2.5Several difficult issues deemed blocking for 8.2, and summer holidays affecting progress
8.1.12018-052018-052018-07-31 2Very few issues found in this release, and then waiting for analysis of PR symtab/23010 (not included in 8.1.1 after all); note that summer holidays also affected progress.
8.12017-122018-012018-01-31 1Issues considered blocking for release took time to fix.
8.0.12017-062017-092017-09-05 08.0 took a while to come out, but since then, very few issues found with this release!
8.02017-032017-032017-06-04 2.5Python API issues to resolve before branching, followed by some issues that took longer to fix, and some issues on MinGW hosts discovered late
7.12.12017-012017-012017-01-21 0.5One small blocking issue discovered late
7.122016-072016-072016-10-07 2.5Several issues deemed blocking before release
7.11.12016-052016-052016-05-31 0Great job from all contributors involved getting everything in on time!
7.112016-022016-022016-02-24 0
7.10.12015-112015-112015-12-05 0One of the quietest branches after the first release was made! (7 changes)
7.102015-062015-082015-08-28 2The usual few minor issues we wanted to fix before releasing, slightly more challenging to solve than usual...
7.9.12015-052015-052015-05-13 0
7.92015-012015-012015-02-20 1The usual few minor issues we wanted to fix before releasing...
7.8.2N/AN/A2015-01-15 0A few issues that we felt were critical enough to warrant a .2 release.
7.8.12014-102014-102014-10-29 0We were hoping to be able to release early but did not manage to.
7.82014-072014-062014-07-29 1.5Small delay creating the branch, but then a large number of regressions found post branch creation.
7.7.12014-052014-052014-05-05 0
7.72013-092013-092014-02-06 6(!)Long delays creating the release branch (git transition, new features, etc).
7.6.2N/AN/A2013-12-08 N/AUnscheduled release, mostly for PR 16303 (MIPS16 and microMIPS support with binutils release 2.24)
7.6.12013-072013-072013-08-30 1Some minor issues to resolve and possibly lack of attention due to the summer holidays
7.62013-022013-022013-04-26 2Larger than usual number of regressions and critical issues detected after creating branch
7.5.12012-112012-112012-11-29 0
7.52012-062012-062012-08-17 2Waiting for last few patches and for Release Manager to be available.
7.4.12012-042012-042012-04-26 0
7.42011-122011-122012-01-24 1Waited for some features, and a bit of instability introduced just before branching.
7.3.1(none)(none)2011-09-04 Unplanned minor corrective release decided as soon as we were told that the ISBN and edition number needed to be changed in the GDB User's Guide.
7.32011-032011-032011-07-26 4Regressions due to "dwarf2 physname" took a very long time to fix
7.22010-082010-072010-09-02 2Some blocking problems discovered prior to branching; a delay due to the Release Manager disappearing; and delays prior to releasing due to some missing documentation.
7.12010-022010-032010-03-18 1Waited for a few extra features that were almost ready but not quite.
7.0.12009-122009-122009-12-22 0
7.02009-052009-052009-10-06 5Too many new features that needed a little extra time to mature.
6.82008-022008-022008-02-29 0
6.72007-072007-072007-10-10 3Delayed mostly by the transition to GPLv3 and a few unexpected regressions.
6.32004-112004-112004-11-090!We rock!
6.2 2004-08 2004-07-30 2004-07-30 0 Went very smootly (provided you ignore that MIPS was discovered to be broken on the last day).
6.1.1 2004-05 2004-05-31 2004-06-16 1 Kept NEWS entries missed in 6.1.
6.1 2004-01 2004-03-27 2004-04-04 2 Branched two months late (slight distraction). Need to ensure that only bug fixes get committed to the branch.
6 2003-03 2003-08-26 2003-10-06 2 The estimated branch date was 2003-03-01-gmt, but in the end it was scheduled for 2003-06-14-gmt. Once on the branch, a very small list of must-have features draged things out. Adding to the fun, at the last moment the process hit unanticipated non-coding problems causing the cart wheels to fall off :-)
5.3 2002-10-09 2002-12-12 2 Branched on time. Released late. Too many things to cleanup on the branch.
5.2.1 2002-06-16 2002-07-23 1 Scheduled too soon after previous release
5.2 2002-04-07 2002-04-30 1
5.1.1 2002-01-24 2002-01-24
5.1 2001-08-05 2001-11-21 3 Unscheduled (human) breakage
5 2000-02-29 2000-05-19 3 Too ambitious
4.18 1999-04-10

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