GNU Gnash

Download GNU Gnash

Gnash is being actively developed at the moment. Therefore, although many features work, not all movies play successfully. The latest beta release of Gnash has been made at version 0.8.10 in mid Feb, 2012.

Gnash source releases (HTTP, FTP) can be found in the subdirectory /pub/gnu/gnash on your favourite GNU mirror.

Win32 users can now download an executable based on the 0.8.2 release, which is now seriously out of date, and won't work with YouTube.

You can get binary snapshots at and built nightly by our automated build system.

Git Access to Sources

The latest Gnash sources are also available via anonymous access. You will need the Git program (usually contained in a package called "git").

git clone git://

For more detailed information on git usage at, read git usage at

If you require a source tarball, you can get the latest version from a directory of daily snapshots on the web.

For other ways to obtain Gnash, please read this page. General information on obtaining GNU software is also available.