Gnash  0.8.10
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gnash::AsBroadcaster Class Reference

AsBroadcaster facilities. More...

#include <AsBroadcaster.h>

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Static Public Member Functions

static void initialize (as_object &obj)
 Initialize the given object as an AsBroadcaster.
static as_objectgetAsBroadcaster ()
static void registerNative (as_object &global)
static void init (as_object &global, const ObjectURI &uri)

Detailed Description

AsBroadcaster facilities.

Member Function Documentation

static as_object* gnash::AsBroadcaster::getAsBroadcaster ( ) [static]

Return the global AsBroadcaster (the native one, immune to any override)

void gnash::AsBroadcaster::init ( as_object global,
const ObjectURI uri 
) [static]
void gnash::AsBroadcaster::initialize ( as_object obj) [static]

Initialize the given object as an AsBroadcaster.

AsBroadcaster class.

This method set the addListener,removeListener and broadcastMessage AS methods with the object, and set the _listners array member.

It is exposed so that Stage,TextField,Key,Mouse and Selection can call this internally.

The AsBroadcaster_init will take care of registering the _global.AsBroadcaster object and its 'initialize' method for user-defined broadcasters initialization

References gnash::getGlobal(), gnash::toObject(), gnash::getMember(), gnash::NSV::CLASS_AS_BROADCASTER, gnash::getVM(), gnash::NSV::PROP_ADD_LISTENER, gnash::NSV::PROP_REMOVE_LISTENER, gnash::as_object::set_member(), gnash::NSV::PROP_AS_NATIVE, gnash::NSV::PROP_BROADCAST_MESSAGE, gnash::NSV::PROP_uLISTENERS, gnash::Global_as::createArray(), and gnash::as_object::set_member_flags().

Referenced by gnash::filereference_class_init(), gnash::key_class_init(), gnash::moviecliploader_class_init(), gnash::selection_class_init(), and gnash::stage_class_init().

void gnash::AsBroadcaster::registerNative ( as_object global) [static]

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