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gnash::Global_as Class Reference

The Global object ultimately contains all objects in an ActionScript run. More...

#include <Global_as.h>

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gnash::as_object gnash::GcResource

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Public Types

typedef as_value(* ASFunction )(const fn_call &fn)
typedef void(* Properties )(as_object &)

Public Member Functions

 Global_as (VM &vm)
virtual ~Global_as ()
void registerClasses ()
as_objectcreateArray ()
 Construct an Array.
VMgetVM () const
as_functioncreateFunction (Global_as::ASFunction function)
 Create an ActionScript function.
as_objectcreateClass (Global_as::ASFunction ctor, as_object *prototype)
 Create an ActionScript class.
void makeObject (as_object &o) const

Protected Member Functions

virtual void markReachableResources () const
 Mark all reachable resources, override from GcResource.

Detailed Description

The Global object ultimately contains all objects in an ActionScript run.

An ActionScript run is a single version (AS1/2 or AS3) and includes all resources parsed from the SWF, created dynamically, loaded, or imported that are available to ActionScript code. Each VM (VM for AS1/2, Machine for AS3) has different resources in its Global object. The two objects should be entirely separate.

Member Typedef Documentation

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

gnash::Global_as::Global_as ( VM vm) [explicit]
gnash::Global_as::~Global_as ( ) [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

as_object * gnash::Global_as::createArray ( )
as_object * gnash::Global_as::createClass ( Global_as::ASFunction  ctor,
as_object prototype 
as_function * gnash::Global_as::createFunction ( Global_as::ASFunction  function)
VM& gnash::Global_as::getVM ( ) const [inline]

References gnash::as_object::vm().

Referenced by registerClasses().

void gnash::Global_as::makeObject ( as_object o) const
void gnash::Global_as::markReachableResources ( ) const [protected, virtual]

Mark all reachable resources, override from GcResource.

The default implementation marks all properties

If a derived class provides access to more GC-managed resources, it should override this function and call this function directly as the last step.

Reimplemented from gnash::as_object.

References gnash::ClassHierarchy::markReachableResources(), and gnash::GcResource::setReachable().

void gnash::Global_as::registerClasses ( )

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