The GNU Hurd community comprises of a crowd of people living in different areas of the whole world. For that, having regular working-meetings -- usually one of the more productive ways of coordination works -- is not easily possible.

The two key resources most often used for communication are the Debian and GNU mailing lists, as well as IRC.

These are measures of communication that work (compared to, e.g., a one-to-one telephone call) one-to-many. It is important to not send email only to a single person, but in a way that several people can see your questions and reasonings. (There are exceptions, of course. Administrative stuff usually need not be discussed in public.) It often happens that -- if you send email only to a single developer -- someone is unavailable for some days and can't answer to your email, but another person could easily have done so. Also, when discussing matters in public, others can learn from it (while reading, or eventually even taking part in the discussions), transform the results into real documentation, etc. Efficient using of scarce resources. Start discussions on public mailing lists/public IRC channels instead of sending discussing with single developers. And always use reply to all instead of reply when answering to email.

If you're interested in keeping up with current events and taking part in discussions, you'll want to join the bug-hurd mailing list or have a look at its archives.

Even if you're a beginner (we've also been, and some of us even still remember), don't hesitate to make the first move and make active use of these resources. But -- of course -- please try to adhere to the conventions as described on the mailing lists and IRC pages.