There are some IRC channels where Hurd topics are discussed.

Everybody is welcome to join and participate in the discussions, but please respect the below guidelines if you want to participate.

Please try to stay on topic. We're not interested in Emacs vs. vi discussions, we don't want to hear why you think that the GNU project sucks, or what your favorite GNU/Linux distribution is.

Before asking a question, first make an effort to find the answer to your question. A lot of questions have been asked and answered before, so please spend some time trying to solve the problem on your own (e.g., search the web, search these web pages, etc.), and show us that you did so when you ask your question.

When asking, (1) be details, and (2) demonstrate that you have made an effort, e.g., "I am having trouble frobbing the foo. I searched the web and only found information regarding how to frob a bar, but that seems unrelated." Provide as many relevant details as possible reproducing them as exactly as possible.

This document may help you understand some developers attitudes and social norms.

Sometimes providing a log or some other excerpt of text can help solve a problem or answer a question. Do not paste the log in the channel itself if it's more than a few lines. Instead use a paste bin.

Regular Meetings

Starting in early 2008, there have been regular IRC meetings held between the (now former) Google Summer of Code students and their mentors. These meetings turned out to considerably help student-mentor interactions, and other developers regularely took part, too. For this reason, we decided to continue having these meetings, even if it's not currently Google Summer of Code time. Currently, the meetings take place in the #hurd channel every Thursday at 19:00 UTC and are open to any interested party. So, everyone, take your chance to chat with GNU Hurd developers!



  • #hurd, the official GNU Hurd IRC channel. Some of the Hurd developers and users hang out there. Old logs. New logs.

  • #hurdfr, the French chapter.

  • #archhurd, Arch Hurd. Logs.