We prepare a Quarter of the Hurd in the file qoth next. The idea is to record to-be-published changes in that file at they time they arise, and then publish them en bloc at the end of the quarter. There are instructions for writing the qoth.

  • At the end of the quarter: prepare for publishing the QotH, then send the raw Markdown text to the mailing list, asking for feedback.

  • ..., and publish.

    $ git mv contributing/web_pages/news/qoth_next.mdwn news/YYYY-MM.mdwn

    Edit the news entry's meta date value to the timestamp when the news entry is published. We have to set that one manually, as otherwise the timestamp of the news entry file's creation will be taken, which is (much) earlier, and not what we want. We do not set the meta updated value, as it's correct to update that one upon further modifications of the news entries.

    $ git cp contributing/web_pages/news/skeleton.mdwn contributing/web_pages/news/qoth_next.mdwn
    $ git commit -m 'QotH YYYY-MM.'
    $ git push origin master