Short Guide for Writing the QotH

The not yet published next Quarter of Hurd the can found at qoth next.

Individual News Items

The basic structure for a news item is as follows: [person with](link) did [task with}(link to testable code/patch) which brings us further towards [[goal]] by [short, easily understandable description of the contribution].

Each news item should show a step towards the mission of the Hurd. From hurd-mission-statement you can glean the following basic goals:

  • Better support for day-to-day desktop use (more packages, more stable, more drivers, easier to setup, ...).
  • More user freedom and possibilities for programs/translators.
  • Technical advancement.
  • More unique or at least interesting features.
  • Attract more developers and/or users.

The reason for this structure is to resolve the problem that many people think that the Hurd won't ever be finished by concentrating on the improvements and the steps towards completing our mission -- but only once they have actually been done (to avoid showing anything which might become vaporware).

Sources for News Items

Watch these places for news: