Non-RYF computers with GNU/Linux preinstalled

The computers sold by these companies require the use of a proprietary BIOS. A BIOS is a program used to load the operating system and start the computer.

Also, if the computer uses an Intel processor, it most probably has the Intel Management Engine (ME) which is a backdoor and is known to have had security flaws in the past.

Due to the above issues, computers sold by these companies do not have FSF's Respects Your Freedom certification though they're able to run a fully free GNU/Linux operating system.

If you represent a company and would like to have your computers mentioned here please make sure that the default preinstalled GNU/Linux distro on your computers is one that's endorsed by the FSF or is at least selectable as an option during purchasing.

  • offers computers preinstalled with Trisquel.

  • Purism offers laptops and smartphones preinstalled with PureOS.