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gnash::SWF::DefinitionTag Class Reference

Immutable data representing the definition of a movie display element. More...

#include <DefinitionTag.h>

Inheritance diagram for gnash::SWF::DefinitionTag:
gnash::SWF::ControlTag gnash::ref_counted gnash::movie_definition gnash::SWF::DefineButtonTag gnash::SWF::DefineEditTextTag gnash::SWF::DefineMorphShapeTag gnash::SWF::DefineShapeTag gnash::SWF::DefineTextTag gnash::SWF::DefineVideoStreamTag gnash::BitmapMovieDefinition gnash::sprite_definition gnash::SWFMovieDefinition

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Public Member Functions

virtual ~DefinitionTag ()
virtual DisplayObjectcreateDisplayObject (Global_as &gl, DisplayObject *parent) const =0
 Create a DisplayObject with the given parent.
virtual void executeState (MovieClip *m, DisplayList &) const
 Executing a DefinitionTag adds its id to list of known characters.
boost::uint16_t id () const
 The immutable id of the DefinitionTag.

Protected Member Functions

 DefinitionTag (boost::uint16_t id)

Detailed Description

Immutable data representing the definition of a movie display element.

TODO: rename this class so it's not the same as the SWF spec. It doesn't exactly correspond to the DefinitionTag defined there.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual gnash::SWF::DefinitionTag::~DefinitionTag ( ) [inline, virtual]
gnash::SWF::DefinitionTag::DefinitionTag ( boost::uint16_t  id) [inline, protected]

Member Function Documentation

virtual DisplayObject* gnash::SWF::DefinitionTag::createDisplayObject ( Global_as gl,
DisplayObject parent 
) const [pure virtual]

Create a DisplayObject with the given parent.

This function will determine the correct prototype and associated object using the passed global.

glThe global object used to set prototype and associated object. Calling this function creates a new DisplayObject from the DefinitionTag and adds it as a child of the specified parent DisplayObject.

Implemented in gnash::SWFMovieDefinition, gnash::sprite_definition, gnash::SWF::DefineButtonTag, gnash::SWF::DefineVideoStreamTag, gnash::SWF::DefineEditTextTag, gnash::SWF::DefineTextTag, gnash::BitmapMovieDefinition, gnash::SWF::DefineMorphShapeTag, and gnash::SWF::DefineShapeTag.

Referenced by gnash::MovieClip::add_display_object(), and gnash::MovieClip::replace_display_object().

void gnash::SWF::DefinitionTag::executeState ( MovieClip m,
) const [virtual]

Executing a DefinitionTag adds its id to list of known characters.

The process is different for imported DefinitionTags, which are added with a new id.

Reimplemented from gnash::SWF::ControlTag.

References gnash::MovieClip::get_root(), and gnash::Movie::addCharacter().

boost::uint16_t gnash::SWF::DefinitionTag::id ( ) const [inline]

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