GNU consensus Stakeholders

GNU consensus is an umbrella project to facilitate coordination of free software social networking projects to encourage freedom, privacy, public space, and decentralization.

End Users

We work for end users, for their freedom, for our freedom. We are, like you, end users.

If the GNU consensus Manifesto sparks some interest in you, please tell us! You may write about it, talk to your friends, and contribute to the mailing list, or give us kudos on IRC. Your participation, and your constructive criticism are welcome: help us help you.


Do you write Free Software for social networking? We want to hear from you! The end-to-end Internet is in your hands.

Software Projects

The following free software projects are working together to reach a GNU consensus in the nascent social networking field.

GNU's Framework for Secure Peer-to-Peer Networking
Free and Autonomous Social Networking for Civil Society
net2o is the attempt to reinvent the Internet
A Framework for Sufficiently Safe Social Interaction

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Echt Dezentrales Netz
EDN collects and tests approaches to a privacy-preserving Internet protocol stack. The EDN is providing analysis for the Broken and more importantly the OK sections.
The GNU Project
Free as in Free Speech
Terms of Service? Didn't Read.
“I have read and agree to the Terms” is the biggest lie on the web. We aim to fix that.

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