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The GNU Art Gallery

Besides the GNU website, you will find some of these designs on the covers of GNU Manuals, on GNU T-shirts, and on the covers of the GNU's Bulletins.

We are looking for new graphic designs for T-shirts and other GNU and FSF items to offer in our shop. If you are interested in contributing some good-quality art to help raise free software awareness, please contact <graphics@gnu.org>. Please don't send us files over 2 Megabytes, instead upload the file and send us a link. Here are some ideas on how we can use artwork.

Please note the graphic style guidelines used in designing and illustrating this site.

*** Many thanks to all the artists! ***

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What's new?

 [GNU logo]  September 2018: GNU logo
by Paul Barr
 [New GNU]  August 2018: New GNU
by gg3po
 [Glitch]  July 2018: GNU designs
by Arantxa Serantes
 [Pepper & Carrot]  May 2018: Pepper & Carrot episode 24 – a free software cartoon
by Librefan
 [Reflecting on GNU and freedom]  May 2018: Freedom Reflection
by Crista Moreno
 [Meditating GNU with Lisp on background]  January 2018: My God, it's full of ‘car’s!
by Benjamin Slade
 [Flying GNU Design]  October 2017: Flying Gnu
by Ernesto Bazzano
 [GNU Vaporwave Design]  September 2017: GNU Vaporwave Design
by R4sH

GNU Art on this site

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 [3D baby GNU and baby Tux]  3D Baby Gnu & Baby Tux
by Nicolas Rougier
 [3D GNU Head]  3D GNU Head
by Dale Mellor
 [A GNU Body]  A Gnu Body
by Graham Wilson
 [Image of the head of a GNU]  A GNU Head
by Etienne Suvasa,
and derived images
 [GNU Head]  A GNU Head for terminals
by Mattias Andrée
 [image of a Spherical Hurd Logo]  Hurd logos
resp. by Teddy Hogeborn and Stephen McCamant
 [image of an FSF Logo on black]  An FSF logo
by Shawn Ewald
 [image of the Statue of Liberty Protecting Software Freedoms]  An LPF logo
by Etienne Suvasa
 [image of a Typing GNU Hacker]  A typing Gnu hacker
by Jamal Hannah
 [image of Another GNU Hacker]  Another typing Gnu hacker
by Peter McLachlan
 [Glitch]  GNU designs
by Arantxa Serantes
 [image of a Baby GNU]  Baby Gnu
by Etienne Suvasa
 [GNU logo]  GNU logo
by Paul Barr
 [image of a GNU]  GNU and Emacs logos
by John Bokma
 [Bold Initiative GNU Head]  Winking GNU
by Bravo Edison
 [GNU Head logo]  Useful GNU art
by Vladimir Tsarkov
 [B & W Cartoon]  The Dynamic Duo: The Gnu and the Penguin in flight
 ["Copyleft (L)" sticker]  “Copyleft (L)” sticker
by Don Hopkins
 [iChains]  Digital Restrictions Management
by Chris Hayes
 [Dragora Logo]  Dragora logo
 [Dog, wondering at pop-up ads]  Dog Cartoon
by Richard Stallman and Antonomakia
 [Reference card with GNU face]  GNU Emacs Reference Wallpaper
by Loic Duros
 [Flying GNU Design]  Flying Gnu
by Ernesto Bazzano
 [Levitating RMS speaking about freedom]  What Freedom Means
by Michael Pagnotti
 [Reflecting on GNU and freedom]  Freedom Reflection
by Crista Moreno
 [Gnu and Tux as messengers of free software in the
           desolate land of proprietary software]  Free-Software Dealers
by Péhä
 [ Free Your Soul Wallpaper ]  Free Your Soul
by Sayem Chaklader
 [liberty, equality, brotherhood button]  French motto
by Lutz Bürger
 [Fromagnulinux]  Fromagnulinux
by Denis Trimaille
 [The Official FSF Logo]  Free Software Foundation logo
by Li Jiang
 [The book cover logo for 'Free Software, Free Society']  Book cover logo for Free Software, Free Society
 [New GNU]  New GNU
by gg3po
 [colorful rounded image of the Head of a GNU]  GNU art
by Brendon Gleeson
 [gNewSense Logo]  gNewSense logo
by Li Jiang
 [GNU 30th - Celebrating 30 years]  GNU 30th birthday
 [image of the Head of a GNU]  Alternative GNU Head
 [ASCII Gnu]  Another ASCII GNU (for email signatures)
by Martin Dickopp
 [ASCII Gnu is liberty]  An ASCII “GNU is Liberty”
by Carlos Contreras A.
 [A gnu running]  GNU Born Free Runs Free
by Alicia Lapekas
 [Luk's GNU head]  GNU Head
by Luk
 [GNU banner saying: run free run gnu]  A GNU Head shadowed
by Vladimir Zúñiga
 [Fragment of the head of a GNU]  GNU Inside
by Mike Gerwitz
 [Gnu wearing a jacket]  A Gnu wearing a jacket
by Sarah Katzenell Rabkin
 [Powered by GNU/Linux]  GNU/Linux logos
by Burkhard Jäckel
 [GNU/Linux on black]  GNU/Linux art
by Rui Damas
 [Come and see what GNU creates for YOU]  GNU banners
resp. by Stefan Rieken, Lalo Martins, and SpAwN
 [GNU Horned Word Logo]  A GNU logo with horns
by Vladimir Zúñiga
 [GNU Love]  A Penguin Hugging A Gnu
by Alison Upton
 [GNUoLantern]  GNU o Lantern
carved by Lorena Cid-Montiel
 [image of a Gnu and Blaise Pascal]  Gnu and Blaise Pascal
by Markus Gerwinski
 [GNU Pumpkin]  GNU Pumpkin
carved by Jimmy Rustles
 [image of the Head of a GNU with a printing press]  Groff Head
by Imogen Mulley
 [Bold image of the head of a GNU]  Bold alternative GNU Head
by Aurelio A. Heckert
 [Hitflip 1 small]  GNU coin and herd
by the Hitflip Team
 [httptunnel logo]  HTTP-Tunnel logo
by Harri Manni
 [small image of a Hurd Metafont Logo]  Hurd logos in Metafont
by Stephen McCamant
 [Bill Gates and Jesus]  A cartoon featuring Jesus and...
by Phil Garcia and Don Berry
 [Abstract art of the  GNU]  Abstract GNU Art
by Kursad Karatas
 [Listening Gnu]  Listening Gnu
by the Nevrax Design Team
 [Colored GNU head]  Colored GNU Head
by Lisa J. Lovchik
 [Levitating, Meditating, Flue-playing Gnu]  Levitating, Meditating, Flute-playing Gnu
by the Nevrax Design Team
 [GNU and Tux]  Gnu and Tux Icon
by Sventsitskaya Nadezda
 [GNU liberating a computer]  GNU Gives Freedom
by Nandakumar
 [A computer dreaming about GNU for freedom]  Give Me Freedom
by Navaneeth
 [Philosophical Gnu]  A Philosophical Gnu
by Markus Gerwinski
 [Digital philosopher]  Philosoputer
by Braydon Fuller
 [Gnu and Tux plant onions]  Plant Onions!
by Péhä
 [GNU Vaporwave Design]  GNU Vaporwave Design
by R4sH
 [Head of a GNU]  Color GNU Head
by Joseph W. Reiss
 ['Run free run GNU' banner]  Run free run GNU
by Vladimir Zúñiga
 [Santa Claus GNU]  Santa Claus Gnu
by Luciano Lourenço
 [GNU with stars]  Gnu Characters
by Carol Anne Scowcroft
 [Skwetu's GNU Logo]  A Shishalh GNU logo
by Skwetu
 [Free Side of the Force wallpaper]  GNU designs
by Ben “Skwid” Gailly
 [The Spirit of Freedom]  A slick GNU logo
by Brian Bush
 [GNU social Logo]  The GNU Social logo
by Jonas Laugs and Steven DuBois
 [The Spirit of Freedom]  The Spirit of Freedom
by Denís Fernández Cabrera
 [Stallman as Saint Ignucius]  Stallman as Saint Ignucius
by Alicia Lapekas
 [GNU banner]  Herd Banner
by Jochen Stärk
 [ASCII Super Gnu]  An ASCII Super Gnu
by Vijay Kumar
 [ASCII GNU head]  Another ASCII GNU
by Vijay Kumar
 ['this is freedom' wallpaper]  This is Freedom
by Vadim Gush
 [Trisquel Logo]  Trisquel logo
 [Pseudo-Lisp (Use 'GNU)]  Use 'GNU
by Etienne Suvasa and the FSF staff
 [GNU head with motto on banderoles]  What's GNU
by Etienne Suvasa
 [Kyle's Alternative GNU logo]  Alternative GNU logo
by Kyle Winkler
 [A dancing GNU]  GNU art
by Adrienne Thompson
 [3D Gnu head]  3D GNU Head
by Georg Bahlon
 [We run GNU]  GNU buttons
by Behroze Nejaati
 [GNU party]  Graphics from Free Software, Free Society
 [GNU Post seal]  GNU Post images
by Tomasz W. Kozłowski
 [GNU + Freedo]  Gnu + Freedo characters
by José Miguel Silva Lara and Márcio Alexandre Silva Delgado
 [Tux riding GNU]  Designs for the UMSA course “Núcleo GNU/Linux”
by Ruth García


 [An avatar based on Georg Bahlon's 3D GNU head]  Avatars
 [Running GNU]  GNU art in SVG format
 [Emacs logo]  Historic GNU press items
 [GFDL logo]  GNU license logos
 [gnowsys logo]  Logos of GNU packages
 [Alternative GNU wallpaper]  Wallpapers

GNU Art on other sites

 [Pepper & Carrot]  Pepper & Carrot episode 24 – a free software cartoon
by Librefan
 [Meditating GNU with Lisp on background]  My God, it's full of ‘car’s!
by Benjamin Slade
 [GNU wallpaper]  More GNU designs
by Ben “Skwid” Gailly
 [FSF art]  Free software art
by David Arroyo Menéndez
 ['United Geekdom of GNU Linux' poster]  Le Sage
by Apolonis
 ['I want GNU' poster]  GNU art
by Raul Silva
 [Hebrew copyleft sign]  Various logos
by Arnuld Uttre
 [GNU and Europa]  GNU themed artwork
by Anja and Markus Gerwinski
 ['Powered by GNU' button]  Favicon and buttons (archived)
by Edward Alfert

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You can also find GNU-related public domain graphics at openclipart.org.


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