GNU Hackers Meeting in the Hague 2010

Location: The Hague, Netherlands at "Revelation Hackspace".

This GNU Hackers Meeting took place on Saturday 24 July and Sunday 25 July. We organised a hacking space on Monday 26 July and Tuesday 27 July and encouraged people to stay for the extra days. The main GUADEC conference was on Wednesday 28 - Friday 30. This meeting featured a workshop on GNUnet, free secure networking and decentralised applications.

Talks (Slides and Video)

Thanks to Nils Durner for the filming and preparing the videos, and Jaromil of for the audio recording.

  • Saturday 24 July - GHM
    • Introduction session
    • Paolo Carlini - "The new C++ Standard and library (C++0x)"

      Download: video, slides


    • Martin Pool - "Bazaar - a distributed version control system for free software communities"

      Download: video, slides


    • GNUnet Workshop
      • Christian Grothoff - "Introduction to GNUnet"

        Download: video, slides


      • Matthias Wachs - "Low level transports and transport selection in GNUnet"

        Download: video, slides


      • Nathan Evans - "DHT and routing in GNUnet"

        Download: video, slides


      • Ludovic Courtès - "Libchop - a library for distributed storage and data backup"

        Download: video, slides


  • Sunday 25 July - GHM
    • Ralf Wildenhues - "Recent developments in GNU Autotools"

      Download: video, slides


    • Karl Goetz - GNewSense

      Download: video, slides


    • Brian Gough - "GNU SRC"

      Download: slides

    • Jose E. Marchesi - "The GNU Record Utilities"

      Download: video, slides - epl format)


      • Laurent Guerby - "The GCC Compile Farm"

        Download: video, slides


      • Jaromil - "dyne:bolic and"

        Download: video, slides


      • Bruno Haible - "Contributing Reusable Code to Gnulib"

        Download: video, slides


      • Simon Josefsson - "Autobuild"

        Download: video, slides


      • Neal Walfield - "GNU Hurd"

        Download: video


      • Juan Pedro Bolivar - "GNU Psycosynth"

        Download: video


      • Andy Wingo - "GNU in the Cloud"

        Download: video


      • Jan Nieuwenhuizen - "An Introduction to Lilypond"

        Download: video


  • Monday 26 - GHM Hacking day + GUADEC
  • Tuesday 27 - GHM Hacking day + GUADEC
  • Wed 28 - Fri 30 - GUADEC

Who was there

  • Andy Wingo (GNU Guile)
  • Christian Grothoff (GNUnet)
  • Brian Gough (GNU Scientific Library)
  • Luca Saiu (GNU Epsilon)
  • Dodji Seketeli (GCC)
  • Jose E. Marchesi (GNU PDF)
  • Adam Reviczky (GNOME)
  • Aleksander Morgado (GNU PDF)
  • Giuseppe Scrivano (myserver, gnuzilla, wget, gcal)
  • Simon Josefsson (Libidn, Libtasn1, SASL, GSS, Shishi, GnuTLS)
  • Matthias Wachs (GNUnet)
  • Paolo Carlini (GCC, libstdc++)
  • Werner Koch (GNUPG)
  • Mark Wielaard (GNU Classpath)
  • Karl Goetz (GNewSense)
  • Nacho Gonzalez (GNU Chapters sysadmin)
  • Xan López (GNOME, Epiphany)
  • Steven Bosscher (GCC)
  • Laurent GUERBY (GCC)
  • Patrick van de Schilde (Den Haag Hackspace)
  • Erik Brandberg (Den Haag Hackspace)
  • Nathan Evans (GNUnet)
  • Nils Durner (GNUnet)
  • Alfred M. Szmidt (all GNU hacking)
  • Tibi Turbureanu (Ceata Free Software Organisation, Romania)
  • Laurențiu Dascălu (Ceata Free Software Organisation, Romania)
  • Ludovic Courtès (GNU Guile)
  • Jan Nieuwenhuizen (GNU LilyPond)
  • Ralf Wildenhues (GNU Autotools)
  • Tom de Vries (GCC)
  • Bruno Haible (gettext, libunistring, gnulib, …)
  • Antonio Becerro (GNU Spain, Blender)
  • Martin Pool (GNU Bazaar)
  • Jaromil (dyne:bolic GNU/Linux)
  • Robert Collins (GNU Bzr)
  • Michael Fötsch (gNewSense)
  • David Grundberg (GNU Octave)
  • Sam Geeraerts (gNewSense)
  • Neal Walfield (GNU HURD)
  • Rodrigo Rodrigues da Silva
  • Marcus Brinkmann (GnuPG)
  • Juan Pedro Bolivar Puente (GNU Psycosynth)
  • Jelmer Vernooij (GNU Bazaar)

Further information

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