GNU Hackers Meeting in Düsseldorf, 2012

Location: Düsseldorf, Germany, at Niemandsland e.V. (details, map).

This GNU Hackers Meeting will take place from Friday 20th July to Sunday 22th July, 2012.


Below you will eventually find the schedule of talks.

Thursday 19th

  • afternoon/evening — Get-together at the Chaosdorf hackerspace.

Friday 20th

  • 11:00 — Welcome
  • 11:10 — Morning session
  • 13:00 — Lunch
  • 14:30 — Afternoon session
  • 17:30 — Lightning talks (15 mn each)
  • 19:00 — Hacking session

Saturday 21th

  • 10:00 — Keynote
  • 11:00 — Morning session
  • 13:00 — Lunch
  • 14:30 — Afternoon session
  • 17:30 — Lightning talks (15 mn each)
  • 19:00 — Keysigning
  • 19:30 — Beer/tea/water drinking

Sunday 22th

  • 10:00 — Morning session
  • 12:30 — Time for a snack
  • 13:00 — Afternoon session
  • 15:00 — End of Job


Friday, 11:00: Guix, functional package management for the people, and for GNU? (Ludovic Courtès)

Guix is a purely functional package manager written in Guile Scheme, and building on the Nix package manager. It implements purely functional package build and composition: a build process is a Scheme function that returns the path of its result in the "store"-the /nix/store directory. The store acts as a build cache, subject to garbage collection. Changing a bit in the build process's inputs (dependencies, environment variables, etc.) changes the result.

This approach provides users with features such as transactional upgrades and rollback, unprivileged package installation, coexistence of variants or versions of packages, etc. By construction, it allows users to track down all the packages involved in a build, down to the initial bootstrapping binaries.

This talk will present Guix, detail this incredible feature set, and show what it's like to package software with it. We will discuss whether and how it could fit in the Grand Plan of making a "GNU distro".

Friday, 14:00: GNUnet Naming System: A Censorship Resistant and Fully Decentralized Replacement for DNS (Martin Schanzenbach)

Friday, 15:00: Interoperation between GNU Programs (John Darrington)

Friday, 15:45: A Short Talk About Input Methods (Daiki Ueno)

Saturday, 11:00: Short Presentation of GNU MPC (Andreas Enge)

A quick introduction to the library and a quick update on our first release as a GNU package, version 1.0.

Saturday, 14:00: Bootstrapping epsilon from Guile (Luca Saiu)

Something more practical about epsilon, including its bootstrap from Guile.

Saturday, 15:00: A GNU beginning -- Building a collecting society from scratch (m.eik michalke)

After organising four annual music competitions for music under Creative Commons licenses, the OMC e.V. now spearheads an initiative to found a new collecting society for creative works with full suppport for free licensing. All standards and software developed shall be free.

Saturday, 16:00: GNU libmicrohttpd (Christian Grothoff)

This talk will present the design goals and application domains of GNU libmicrohttpd and give an introduction to the API. You will learn how to embed an HTTP(S) server into your C application with about 10 lines of code.


  • Andreas Enge (MPC)
  • Bruno Haible
  • Christian Grothoff (GNUnet)
  • Daiki Ueno
  • Florian Kellmer
  • John Darrington (PSPP, Gnubik)
  • Jose E. Marchesi (GNU {Recutils,PDF,Ferret})
  • Julio Matus
  • Luca Saiu (epsilon)
  • Ludovic Courtès (Guile)
  • m.eik michalke ( e.V.)
  • Marcus Brinkmann (GNU Hurd)
  • Martin Schanzenbach (GNUnet)
  • Neal Walfield (GNU Hurd)
  • Sylvain (GNU FreeDink)
  • Werner Koch (GnuPG)


  • If you plan to come, please register by sending a mail with your name and your main GNU project to (No HTML or HTML parts, please).
  • You make a small donation to support future GNU Hackers Meetings with Flattr.

All donations will be used to cover operational expenses and for reimbursement of travel costs for those unable to attend otherwise. Remaining funds fill we rolled over for the next GHM.

Further information

There is no charge to attend the meeting but you will need to pay for your own travel / accommodation / meals. If you need financial support for travel or accommodation costs, please indicate this in your registration email with the minimum amount that would permit you to attend the conference.

Suggested accommodation options

There are lots of hotels in Düsseldorf as well as a large youth hostel. There is also the option for about 8 persons to stay with their sleeping bag at the venue.


We plan to provide vegan food at the venue.


Ask on the mailing list at

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Local organisation

To help with local organisation, we will use .