It's Me and GNU

These beautifully elaborate designs were made from photos taken by the artist, and from a version of the GNU logo which is very similar to the GNU Alternative. They make extensive use of the advanced functions of Gimp.

Here is how Stefan describes his work:

For example, I made one of my pictures (the Yellow Flower Fractal) from a design named Die Bl├╝te der Fraktalzeit, which was made by the fractal function in Gimp. The origin of the image I used for the fractalisation is a photo I took with my smartphone, but if I tell you all the details the magic is gone. ;)  For some images, I used the mirror function of the G-Mic plugin in Gimp.

The essential meaning of sending you my work was to celebrate the art of thinking of GNU and Free Software Foundation. I'm far away from being a hacker in coding with computer language, but I'm an artist, and for me there is no difference between coding and art. Both disciplines are a kind of art for me.

 [GNU logos on a yellow flower fractal] 

Yellow Flower Fractal

JPEG  113kB (480×270), 2MB (3840×2160)

 [GNU logos in yin-yang position on a fractal] 

Black and White Yin/Yang

JPEG  89kB (480×270), 2MB (3840×2160)

 [GNU logos aligned on railroad track] 

White GNU on Rails

JPEG  76kB (480×441), 2MB (4890×4493)

 [GNU logo at the center of a caleidoscope] 


JPEG  75kB (480×305), 1.7MB (3640×2310)

Copyright © 2021 Stefan Goschler

These images are available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License (CC BY-SA 4.0).

The GNU logo was drawn by Alvaro Ojeda, and is available under several versions of the CC BY-SA, or the GNU Free Documentation License v1.2.