A Whole GNU World

Sung to the tune of A Whole New World from Disney's movie Aladdin

RMS: I can show you GNU
Booting, running, compiling
Tell me, User, now when did
You last change the code you had?

RMS: I can libre your mind
Take you distro by distro
Trisquel, gNewSense, Ututo
Each one's sure to make you glad

RMS: A whole GNU world!
A new fantastic point of view
No one to tell us no, or how to code
Or say we can't be sharing

User: A whole GNU world!
A free license I never knew
But when it's GPL, then all is well
Because I'm in a whole GNU world with you
RMS: (Now I'm in a whole GNU world with you)

User: I've retained my 4 rights
Indescribable freedom
Changing, giving, improving
Make Bill Gates and Co. take fright

User: A whole GNU world!
RMS: (Don't you dare write with Vim)
User: A hundred thousand things to see
RMS: (Use Emacs, it's much better)
User: I'm like an airplane
I'd be insane
If I went back
To use code that's nonfree

RMS: A whole GNU world!
User: (It will never get dim)
RMS: With new code projects you can help
User: (My BIOS is unfettered)
Both: I'll share code everywhere
It's free software
Let me share this whole GNU world with you

RMS: A whole GNU world
User: A whole GNU world
RMS: And it's all free
User: And it's all free
RMS: A hacker's dream
User: Where freedoms gleam
Both: For you and me!