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December 2002

19 December 2002
FSF launched its Associate Membership program.
Added advice on becoming a speaker to the Speakers page.
5 December 2002
Two new texts are available on our philosophy page:

November 2002

25 November 2002
FSF's position on Proposed W3 "Royalty-Free" Patent Policy is now available. All are encouraged to comment to W3C by 31 December 2002.
17 November 2002
A new essay from Richard Stallman's book, Free Software, Free Society: Selected Essays of Richard M. Stallman, is now available on our philosophy page: "Can you trust your computer?"
1 November 2002
Gift from MySQL AB Supports Free Software Foundation's General Public License Compliance Lab.

September 2002

1 October 2002
Three new questions have been added to the GNU/Linux FAQ: "How did it come about that most people call the system 'Linux'?", "Why 'GNU/Linux' rather than 'Linux/GNU'?", and "Can't there be Linux systems without GNU?"
27 September 2002
Two new questions have been added to the GNU/Linux FAQ: "Wouldn't it be more effective to ask companies such as Mandrake, Red Hat and IBM to call their distributions 'GNU/Linux' rather than asking individuals?" and "Since much of GNU comes from Unix, shouldn't GNU give credit to Unix by using Unix it its name?"
24 September 2002
We now have a page of frequently asked questions about the GNU/Linux name.
6 September 2002
Posted the nomination call for the 2002 FSF Award for the Advancement of Free Software.
3 September 2002
GNU Bayonne 1.0 Released; GNU Telephony Server gives software freedom to businesses, large enterprises and commercial telephone carriers.

August 2002

26 August 2002
GNU Project Will Use Freenode as Its Official IRC Network.
1 August 2002
Affero will host the "Full Tilt for Software Freedom", a Benefit for Free Software Foundation on Wednesday, August, 14 2002 in San Francisco.

July 2002

31 July 2002
There are now new sections for GNU Documentation and GNU Press, as well as GNU Gear.
30 July 2002
Added a listing of free software user groups. If you know of a group which could be added to this list, please e-mail <user-groups@gnu.org>.

June 2002

11 June 2002
Added the AT&T public license to the list of licenses as a non-free software license.
3 June 2002
Added two words Content and Creator to the list of confusing words and phrases that are worth avoiding.

May 2002

24 May 2002
Updated the interface to the Free Software Directory and its help page.
Added the FDL 1.2 Draft comments to the FDL page.
Added our Free Software license quiz to the GPL FAQ page.
21 May 2002
Added our Amicus Brief in Eldred v. Ashcroft, and the press release about it.
19 May 2002
We now list free software organizations seeking donations of used computers.

April 2002

29 April 2002
Added a new rendition of the Free Software Song to the Free Software Song page.
23 April 2002
Added an item RAND (reasonable and non-discriminatory) to the list of confusing words and phrases that are worth avoiding.
16 April 2002
ftp.gnu.org is now accessible via HTTP at http://ftp.gnu.org/.
11 April 2002
Added a press release about Microsoft's attacks on Free Software Developers in its new "Royalty-Free CIFS Technical Reference License Agreement".

March 2002

19 March 2002
Added press release about Affero General Public License, the First Copyleft License for Web Services.
18 March 2002
Added press release about Free Software Foundation Offering Resources to the Digital Speech Project.
17 March 2002
Added updated information about the Amazon boycott.
12 March 2002
Added an article about releasing free software if one is working at a university.
5 March 2002
Added a press release about merger of DCL into GNUe.
1 March 2002
Added a press release about Judge Saris' preliminary injunction ruling in the MySQL AB case.

February 2002

27 February 2002
Added a note about the campaign for Jon Johansen on GNUs Flashes.
26 February 2002
Added a press release about Moglen serving as expert witness in MySQL case.
25 February 2002
Added a description of how and when the term ``intellectual property'' became a fad.
23 February 2002
For a while, added a link to European Commission & BSA 2002-02-20: proposal to make all ideas patentable on GNUs Flashes on our home page.
16 February 2002
Added a press release about the 2002 awarding of the FSF Award for the Advancement of Free Software.
7 February 2002
Posted the draft of FDL 1.2 and unified diff of the draft vs. 1.1. Comments go to <fdl-comments@fsf.org>.

January 2002

29 January 2002
Added press release about FSF's statement on Proposed Microsoft Judgment. The full text of the response is also available.
25 January 2002
We Can Put an End to Word Attachments by Richard Stallman is available for reading in our philosophy section.
16 January 2002
The FSF now accepts orders and donations online.
13 January 2002
We now have a list of GNU/Hurd User Groups on our user groups page.
04 January 2002
A list of GNU/Linux user groups is now on our site. Please e-mail <user-groups@gnu.org> any groups not listed.

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