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December 1997

24 Dec 97
In honor of the holidays, we now have information about Saint IGNUcius of the Church of Emacs.

23 Dec 97
We have posted an article by Michael Stutz on Applying Copyleft To Non-Software Information.

23 Dec 97
We have posted an article on how the GNU project sees Microsoft.

1 Dec 97
Noted on our Java page, is version 0.6 of GNU Muffin.

November 1997

24 Nov 97
Added a new page about GNU Nana, a new utility for programming debugging assertions.

23 Nov 97
Added a new page about GNU Make.

22 Nov 97
Added a new page about GNU software and the year 2000.

22 Nov 97
Added a new mirror site of this web site http://www.gnu.org:

October 1997

3 Oct 97
We now have information about GNU Ghostscript.

August 1997

28 Aug 97
If you are in Europe, you can order FSF books, manuals and t-shirts through our new European distributor, GNU Distribution Europe, Belgium. This facilitates payment, avoids most of the extra shipping costs, and provides more rapid delivery.

21 Aug 97
GCC, the GNU C Compiler (which also supports C++, Objective C, Pascal, Fortran 77, and Ada 9X) now has a web page.

21 Aug 97
Fiasco is being developed as a replacement for SPSS.

19 Aug 97
Hurd pages updated to contain new information pertaining to the 0.2 Hurd release and the FSF's new GNUmach distribution, as well as a pointer to the web pages (not maintained by us) for the GRUB boot loader.

NEWS files for the Hurd and GNU Mach have been added.

July 1997

25 July 97
Added an article, The Right Way to Tax DAT (22k characters), previously published in Wired magazine about the tax on DAT machines and tapes: what's wrong with it and how it ought to be different.
20 July 97
Added a new graphic of a Philosophical Gnu to help identify the pages on this server that deal with the philosophy of the GNU Project.

This Philosophical Gnu was drawn by Markus Gerwinski <markus@theo-phys.uni-essen.de>, and is similar to the GNU in the GNU Pascal Art.

See The GNU Art Gallery(500k) for details.

20 July 97
Installed in The GNU Art Gallery(500k) some web page backgrounds created by Markus Gerwinski <markus@theo-phys.uni-essen.de>.

For the reason why we do not use page backgrounds, see Use of Graphics in the Web Site Style Guidelines (22k characters) used in designing and authoring this site.

4 July 97
Arranged for the GNU Hurd Task List to be automatically updated from http://ftp.gnu.org/pub/gnu/tasks/tasks.hurd, if this file on prep has changed.

2 July 97
Noted on our Java page, is the release of version 2.0 of GNU GraphPanel.

June 1997

23 June 97
Revamped the Guile pages.

6 June 97
Added new contributions to the master list of Java programs.

5 June 97
Added a link to an unofficial Czech GNU page.

1 June 97
Added a new mirror site of this web site http://www.gnu.org: It's our first mirror in South America.

May 1997

29 May 97
Added a list of functions that are not yet documented in the GNU C library manual. It would be very helpful if you could spend a bit of your time on writing the missing parts. Please coordinate your work with the maintainers <bug-glibc@gnu.org>.

12 May 97
Added the word ``theft'' to Some Confusing Words and Phrases that are Worth Avoiding.

7 May 97
Added a definition of commercial software (18k characters).

6 May 97
Added a master list of Java programs that have been contributed to the GNU Project.

6 May 97
Added an explanation of the relationship between Linux and the GNU system.

3 May 97
Added information about gzip.

2 May 97
Free software is more reliable!

April 1997

14 Apr 97
Added a set of pages describing the GNU C Library's compliance with various standards. This list also shows where the C Library needs to be improved.

13 Apr 97
Added a detailed explanation of the patent problems with GIF format and why we don't use GIF images in the GNU web server.

12 Apr 97
Added an explanation of how both individuals and companies can donate to the FSF.
It also explains how you can become a Patron of the FSF.

12 Apr 97
The FSF has a new GNU T-shirt for 1997.

12 Apr 97
Added the January 1997 GNU's Bulletin.

4 Apr 97
We thank Stephen McCamant <alias@mcs.com> for designing this logo for the GNU Hurd using Metafont. Here is the source code for this Hurd logo.

March 1997

29 Mar 97
Added a link on the GNU Software page to GNU Enscript which converts ASCII files to Postscript for printing.

20 Mar 97
Added Selling Free Software, which explains why selling free software is not a contradiction, but an important and useful practice.

19 Mar 97
Added a science fiction story, The Right to Read, which shows the kind of world that the Clinton administration copyright plans lead to.

February 1997

15 Feb 97
Added a link to Octave, a high-level interactive language primarily intended for numerical computations, on the GNU Software page.

9 Feb 97
Add Studies Find Reward Often No Motivator, an article by Alfie Kohn about psychological research that casts doubt on widespread assumptions about how artificial rewards affect creative work.

5 Feb 97
Report the cancellation of the Second Conference on Freely Redistributable Software (February 20-21, 1997).

If you had planned to come to the Conference, but hadn't registered, please send email to <conf97@gnu.org> and tell us what parts of the Conference you had planned to attend. (This will help us in planning for future conferences.)

For more information, see the updated description.

3 Feb 97
Updated the FSF order form.

3 Feb 97
Added a new mirror site of this web site http://www.gnu.org: It's our first mirror in North America.

January 1997

25 Jan 97
Version 2.0 of the GNU C Library has been announced. Also see the extended announcement.

25 Jan 97
We have renegotiated with the hotel, and have been able to lower the registration fees and hotel room rates for the Second Conference on Freely Redistributable Software to be held on 20-21 February 1997 at the San Francisco Hilton in San Francisco, CA, USA.

25 Jan 97
We have added: for the Second Conference on Freely Redistributable Software:

21 Jan 97
Added a page discussing Porting the GNU C Library.

18 Jan 97
Added a link to F.A.C.T.Net Inc., a non-profit Internet digest, news service, library, dialogue center, and archive dedicated to the promotion and defense of international free thought, free speech, and privacy rights, to our page supporting the Freedoms of Speech, Press, and Associationon the Internet.

16 Jan 97
Added a link to the 4th Tokyo GNU Seminar, on March 11th, 1997.

16 Jan 97
Added a link to GNU Midnight Commander, a visual file manager and shell, on the Software page.

14 Jan 97
Added a link to gpc, GNU Pascal, on the Software page.

12 Jan 97
Added a new mirror site of this web site http://www.gnu.org:

12 Jan 97
Added a section listing GNU FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) to the GNU Documentation page.

12 Jan 97
Added a link to the GNU Chess FAQ on the GNU Documentation and Software page.

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