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26 January 2011
A first installment of a GNU Status Report is available. This is a partial revival of the original GNU's Bulletin, with the aim of providing GNU-wide information from time to time, for as many packages as possible. More info.
9 December 2010
Savannah was down for a few days recently due to a password compromise and then a disk failure. Also, some Apache features have been turned off for web pages. Full news items.
16 November 2010
US citizens: Stop the Internet blacklist bill. Sign the petition at http://demandprogress.org/blacklist, and see the post on fsf.org for more information.
29 September 2010
Interested in free video formats? We need your help! The FSF is looking for a few volunteers willing to commit an average of a few hours per week as reliable technical consultants helping people transcode their videos to free formats like WebM and Ogg Theora.
30 June 2010
The June issue of the Free Software Supporter is out -- you can read it and subscribe to receive future monthly issues by e-mail.
25 March 2010
GNU urges people working on free software to follow standards and guidelines for universal accessibility on GNU/Linux and other free operating systems with the release of the GNU Accessibility Statement.
20 March 2010
FSF President Richard Stallman explains the dangers of Software as a Service for free software in a new article.
2 January 2010
All packages using GNU Automake to produce distribution tarballs with make dist should update to the 1.11.1 or 1.10.3 release, or otherwise work around the problem.
31 December 2009
The FSF is hosting a GNU Hackers' Meeting for GNU maintainers and contributors from March 18th-21st as part of the LibrePlanet 2010 conference in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Read the details and RSVP.
23 July 2009
FSF president Richard Stallman explains the unintended interactions between the Swedish Pirate Party's platform and free software -- and proposes a solution -- in his new article, How the Swedish Pirate Party Platform Backfires on Free Software.
27 May 2009
Help improve Canadian copyright law! The Globe and Mail has put C-61, a copyright reform bill, on a wiki for editing. See the LibrePlanet page for information on participating.
27 May 2009
The FSF is hiring a new campaigns manager, to help with GNU and to run DefectiveByDesign, PlayOgg, and other exciting free software campaigns. Read about the job and how to apply.
7 May 2009
FSF has launched a new free software activist internship program. Applications for the summer term are due Monday, May 25. Read the full announcement.
14 April 2009
Richard Stallman has given an interview to O'Reilly Media in which he talks about Free Software licencing and a number of other current issues including software patents, free device drivers, and the FSF's current campaigns. Read the interview here.
25 March 2009
CREDIL is hosting a contest where you can win prize money for working on free software. It's been going for a couple of days already, but the deadline isn't until Sunday, March 28th, so there's still time. Read more.
24 March 2009
Wietse Venema and Creative Commons were announced as winners of the annual free software awards at LibrePlanet last weekend. Read more about their work and the awards.
23 March 2009
Help spring the Javascript Trap! During the LibrePlanet conference, Richard Stallman announced a plan of action for addressing the problem of non-free Javascript, Flash and Silverlight programs. Read more about this threat to user freedom and how you can help.
7 March 2009
More and more students are considering whether a university teaches computer science and software development using Free Software when deciding where they will study. If you know of a Free-Software-oriented university then email us.
24 February 2009
New Zealanders, please support the Creative Freedom Foundation.
16 February 2009
Europeans, please attend this conference on the Telecom package, called "Who wants to control the Internet?".
1 February 2009
PDF is a free format supported by free software but many PDF documents instruct you to use a particular vendor's reader. Find out more about free software PDF readers and their advantages at pdfreaders.org.
27 January 2009
The FSF has published a new GCC Runtime Library Exception which will allow the entire GCC codebase to be upgraded to GPLv3, and enable the development of a plugin framework for GCC.
9 January 2009
With the release of the Windows 7 public beta today, the FSF is declaring victory in its BadVista.org campaign. Read and share the full announcement.

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