Dr Geo (Dr Geo Refer to Geometry Exploration Observatory )

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Dr Geo is an interactive geometry software. It allows the construction of interactive geometric figures. This means one can draw geometric figure based on mathematic property but also can move part of the figure in respect with its properties.

Dr Geo is an educational oriented software. It's an observatory to explore geometry situation in an interactive way in opposition to figure drawn on a sheet of paper. The user interface has been thing to be simple but efficient for young users. In this idea, Dr Geo can also handle different languages. It can can be used by mathematic teachers. In a class room to make a show or in a computer class room. Also the teacher can share Dr Geo with its students.

In spirit, Dr Geo want to be a free education tools for school where freedom and equality is so important.

The latest version can be found at http://directory.fsf.org/drgeo.html.

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