Gtkeyboard has been decommissioned, since no one has come forward to revive it, to improve it over the other free software virtual keyboard programs that are available. (If you are interested after all, email

Introduction to GTKeyboard

GTKeyboard is an application written in C with the aid of the Gimp Toolkit. It is intended to help users with physical disabilities to enter text into a simple editor, as well as to help them use other X11 applications that require keyboard input. GTKeyboard allows the user to press keys on an onscreen keyboard that will either be entered into a simple text editor that GTKeyboard provides, or into the application of choice that the user specifies by clicking on the window. It has also been used by people who have strange keyboard layouts, and by people who for one reason or another cannot use a keyboard with the machine in question.


Here is a small list of GTKeyboard's features, as of the current release:

Downloading GTKeyboard

GTKeyboard can be found on


Documentation up to this point has been a bit sparse, but it's coming along, and it does its best to describe the features of GTKeyboard and the different things you can do with it to get the job done. All the documentation that is available with GTKeyboard comes with the distribution, so if you download the full source package, then you will get just about everything there is to get.

The other source of documentation is me...if you have a question about GTKeyboard or if something isn't covered in the manual, email me and I'll answer it as best I can.

The manual is also available online here.