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Index Entry  Section

*pthread_getspecific: Thread-specific Data
*sbrk: Resizing the Data Segment
*sem_open: Semaphores

_dl_find_object: Dynamic Linker Introspection
_exit: Termination Internals
_Exit: Termination Internals
_flushlbf: Flushing Buffers
_Fork: Creating a Process
_tolower: Case Conversion
_toupper: Case Conversion
__fbufsize: Controlling Buffering
__flbf: Controlling Buffering
__fpending: Controlling Buffering
__fpurge: Flushing Buffers
__freadable: Opening Streams
__freading: Opening Streams
__fsetlocking: Streams and Threads
__fwritable: Opening Streams
__fwriting: Opening Streams
__ppc_get_timebase: PowerPC
__ppc_get_timebase_freq: PowerPC
__ppc_mdoio: PowerPC
__ppc_mdoom: PowerPC
__ppc_set_ppr_low: PowerPC
__ppc_set_ppr_med: PowerPC
__ppc_set_ppr_med_high: PowerPC
__ppc_set_ppr_med_low: PowerPC
__ppc_set_ppr_very_low: PowerPC
__ppc_yield: PowerPC
__riscv_flush_icache: RISC-V
__va_copy: Argument Macros
__x86_get_cpuid_feature_leaf: X86

a64l: Encode Binary Data
abort: Aborting a Program
abs: Absolute Value
accept: Accepting Connections
access: Testing File Access
acos: Inverse Trig Functions
acosf: Inverse Trig Functions
acosfN: Inverse Trig Functions
acosfNx: Inverse Trig Functions
acosh: Hyperbolic Functions
acoshf: Hyperbolic Functions
acoshfN: Hyperbolic Functions
acoshfNx: Hyperbolic Functions
acoshl: Hyperbolic Functions
acosl: Inverse Trig Functions
addmntent: mtab
addseverity: Adding Severity Classes
adjtime: Setting and Adjusting the Time
adjtimex: Setting and Adjusting the Time
aio_cancel: Cancel AIO Operations
aio_cancel64: Cancel AIO Operations
aio_error: Status of AIO Operations
aio_error64: Status of AIO Operations
aio_fsync: Synchronizing AIO Operations
aio_fsync64: Synchronizing AIO Operations
aio_init: Configuration of AIO
aio_read: Asynchronous Reads/Writes
aio_read64: Asynchronous Reads/Writes
aio_return: Status of AIO Operations
aio_return64: Status of AIO Operations
aio_suspend: Synchronizing AIO Operations
aio_suspend64: Synchronizing AIO Operations
aio_write: Asynchronous Reads/Writes
aio_write64: Asynchronous Reads/Writes
alarm: Setting an Alarm
aligned_alloc: Aligned Memory Blocks
alloca: Variable Size Automatic
alphasort: Scanning Directory Content
alphasort64: Scanning Directory Content
arc4random: High Quality Random
arc4random_buf: High Quality Random
arc4random_uniform: High Quality Random
argp_error: Argp Helper Functions
argp_failure: Argp Helper Functions
argp_help: Argp Help
argp_parse: Argp
argp_state_help: Argp Helper Functions
argp_usage: Argp Helper Functions
argz_add: Argz Functions
argz_add_sep: Argz Functions
argz_append: Argz Functions
argz_count: Argz Functions
argz_create: Argz Functions
argz_create_sep: Argz Functions
argz_delete: Argz Functions
argz_extract: Argz Functions
argz_insert: Argz Functions
argz_next: Argz Functions
argz_replace: Argz Functions
argz_stringify: Argz Functions
asctime: Formatting Calendar Time
asctime_r: Formatting Calendar Time
asin: Inverse Trig Functions
asinf: Inverse Trig Functions
asinfN: Inverse Trig Functions
asinfNx: Inverse Trig Functions
asinh: Hyperbolic Functions
asinhf: Hyperbolic Functions
asinhfN: Hyperbolic Functions
asinhfNx: Hyperbolic Functions
asinhl: Hyperbolic Functions
asinl: Inverse Trig Functions
asprintf: Dynamic Output
assert: Consistency Checking
assert_perror: Consistency Checking
atan: Inverse Trig Functions
atan2: Inverse Trig Functions
atan2f: Inverse Trig Functions
atan2fN: Inverse Trig Functions
atan2fNx: Inverse Trig Functions
atan2l: Inverse Trig Functions
atanf: Inverse Trig Functions
atanfN: Inverse Trig Functions
atanfNx: Inverse Trig Functions
atanh: Hyperbolic Functions
atanhf: Hyperbolic Functions
atanhfN: Hyperbolic Functions
atanhfNx: Hyperbolic Functions
atanhl: Hyperbolic Functions
atanl: Inverse Trig Functions
atexit: Cleanups on Exit
atof: Parsing of Floats
atoi: Parsing of Integers
atol: Parsing of Integers
atoll: Parsing of Integers

backtrace: Backtraces
backtrace_symbols: Backtraces
backtrace_symbols_fd: Backtraces
basename: Finding Tokens in a String
basename: Finding Tokens in a String
bcmp: String/Array Comparison
bcopy: Copying Strings and Arrays
bind: Setting Address
bindtextdomain: Locating gettext catalog
bind_textdomain_codeset: Charset conversion in gettext
brk: Resizing the Data Segment
bsearch: Array Search Function
btowc: Converting a Character
bzero: Copying Strings and Arrays

cabs: Absolute Value
cabsf: Absolute Value
cabsfN: Absolute Value
cabsfNx: Absolute Value
cabsl: Absolute Value
cacos: Inverse Trig Functions
cacosf: Inverse Trig Functions
cacosfN: Inverse Trig Functions
cacosfNx: Inverse Trig Functions
cacosh: Hyperbolic Functions
cacoshf: Hyperbolic Functions
cacoshfN: Hyperbolic Functions
cacoshfNx: Hyperbolic Functions
cacoshl: Hyperbolic Functions
cacosl: Inverse Trig Functions
calloc: Allocating Cleared Space
call_once: Call Once
canonicalize: FP Bit Twiddling
canonicalizef: FP Bit Twiddling
canonicalizefN: FP Bit Twiddling
canonicalizefNx: FP Bit Twiddling
canonicalizel: FP Bit Twiddling
canonicalize_file_name: Symbolic Links
carg: Operations on Complex
cargf: Operations on Complex
cargfN: Operations on Complex
cargfNx: Operations on Complex
cargl: Operations on Complex
casin: Inverse Trig Functions
casinf: Inverse Trig Functions
casinfN: Inverse Trig Functions
casinfNx: Inverse Trig Functions
casinh: Hyperbolic Functions
casinhf: Hyperbolic Functions
casinhfN: Hyperbolic Functions
casinhfNx: Hyperbolic Functions
casinhl: Hyperbolic Functions
casinl: Inverse Trig Functions
catan: Inverse Trig Functions
catanf: Inverse Trig Functions
catanfN: Inverse Trig Functions
catanfNx: Inverse Trig Functions
catanh: Hyperbolic Functions
catanhf: Hyperbolic Functions
catanhfN: Hyperbolic Functions
catanhfNx: Hyperbolic Functions
catanhl: Hyperbolic Functions
catanl: Inverse Trig Functions
catclose: The catgets Functions
catgets: The catgets Functions
catopen: The catgets Functions
cbrt: Exponents and Logarithms
cbrtf: Exponents and Logarithms
cbrtfN: Exponents and Logarithms
cbrtfNx: Exponents and Logarithms
cbrtl: Exponents and Logarithms
ccos: Trig Functions
ccosf: Trig Functions
ccosfN: Trig Functions
ccosfNx: Trig Functions
ccosh: Hyperbolic Functions
ccoshf: Hyperbolic Functions
ccoshfN: Hyperbolic Functions
ccoshfNx: Hyperbolic Functions
ccoshl: Hyperbolic Functions
ccosl: Trig Functions
ceil: Rounding Functions
ceilf: Rounding Functions
ceilfN: Rounding Functions
ceilfNx: Rounding Functions
ceill: Rounding Functions
cexp: Exponents and Logarithms
cexpf: Exponents and Logarithms
cexpfN: Exponents and Logarithms
cexpfNx: Exponents and Logarithms
cexpl: Exponents and Logarithms
cfgetispeed: Line Speed
cfgetospeed: Line Speed
cfmakeraw: Noncanonical Input
cfsetispeed: Line Speed
cfsetospeed: Line Speed
cfsetspeed: Line Speed
chdir: Working Directory
chmod: Setting Permissions
chmod: Setting Permissions
chown: File Owner
cimag: Operations on Complex
cimagf: Operations on Complex
cimagfN: Operations on Complex
cimagfNx: Operations on Complex
cimagl: Operations on Complex
clearenv: Environment Access
clearerr: Error Recovery
clearerr_unlocked: Error Recovery
clock: CPU Time
clock_getres: Getting the Time
clock_gettime: Getting the Time
clock_settime: Setting and Adjusting the Time
clog: Exponents and Logarithms
clog10: Exponents and Logarithms
clog10f: Exponents and Logarithms
clog10fN: Exponents and Logarithms
clog10fNx: Exponents and Logarithms
clog10l: Exponents and Logarithms
clogf: Exponents and Logarithms
clogfN: Exponents and Logarithms
clogfNx: Exponents and Logarithms
clogl: Exponents and Logarithms
close: Opening and Closing Files
closedir: Reading/Closing Directory
closefrom: Opening and Closing Files
closelog: closelog
close_range: Opening and Closing Files
cnd_broadcast: ISO C Condition Variables
cnd_destroy: ISO C Condition Variables
cnd_init: ISO C Condition Variables
cnd_signal: ISO C Condition Variables
cnd_timedwait: ISO C Condition Variables
cnd_wait: ISO C Condition Variables
confstr: String Parameters
conj: Operations on Complex
conjf: Operations on Complex
conjfN: Operations on Complex
conjfNx: Operations on Complex
conjl: Operations on Complex
connect: Connecting
continue: Actions in the NSS configuration
copysign: FP Bit Twiddling
copysignf: FP Bit Twiddling
copysignfN: FP Bit Twiddling
copysignfNx: FP Bit Twiddling
copysignl: FP Bit Twiddling
copy_file_range: Copying File Data
cos: Trig Functions
cosf: Trig Functions
cosfN: Trig Functions
cosfNx: Trig Functions
cosh: Hyperbolic Functions
coshf: Hyperbolic Functions
coshfN: Hyperbolic Functions
coshfNx: Hyperbolic Functions
coshl: Hyperbolic Functions
cosl: Trig Functions
cpow: Exponents and Logarithms
cpowf: Exponents and Logarithms
cpowfN: Exponents and Logarithms
cpowfNx: Exponents and Logarithms
cpowl: Exponents and Logarithms
cproj: Operations on Complex
cprojf: Operations on Complex
cprojfN: Operations on Complex
cprojfNx: Operations on Complex
cprojl: Operations on Complex
CPU_CLR: CPU Affinity
CPU_SET: CPU Affinity
CPU_ZERO: CPU Affinity
creal: Operations on Complex
crealf: Operations on Complex
crealfN: Operations on Complex
crealfNx: Operations on Complex
creall: Operations on Complex
creat: Opening and Closing Files
creat64: Opening and Closing Files
crypt: Passphrase Storage
crypt_r: Passphrase Storage
csin: Trig Functions
csinf: Trig Functions
csinfN: Trig Functions
csinfNx: Trig Functions
csinh: Hyperbolic Functions
csinhf: Hyperbolic Functions
csinhfN: Hyperbolic Functions
csinhfNx: Hyperbolic Functions
csinhl: Hyperbolic Functions
csinl: Trig Functions
csqrt: Exponents and Logarithms
csqrtf: Exponents and Logarithms
csqrtfN: Exponents and Logarithms
csqrtfNx: Exponents and Logarithms
csqrtl: Exponents and Logarithms
ctan: Trig Functions
ctanf: Trig Functions
ctanfN: Trig Functions
ctanfNx: Trig Functions
ctanh: Hyperbolic Functions
ctanhf: Hyperbolic Functions
ctanhfN: Hyperbolic Functions
ctanhfNx: Hyperbolic Functions
ctanhl: Hyperbolic Functions
ctanl: Trig Functions
ctermid: Identifying the Terminal
ctime: Formatting Calendar Time
ctime_r: Formatting Calendar Time
cuserid: Who Logged In

daddl: Misc FP Arithmetic
dcgettext: Translation with gettext
dcngettext: Advanced gettext functions
ddivl: Misc FP Arithmetic
dfmal: Misc FP Arithmetic
dgettext: Translation with gettext
difftime: Calculating Elapsed Time
dirfd: Opening a Directory
dirname: Finding Tokens in a String
div: Integer Division
dlinfo: Dynamic Linker Introspection
dmull: Misc FP Arithmetic
dngettext: Advanced gettext functions
drand48: SVID Random
drand48_r: SVID Random
drem: Remainder Functions
dremf: Remainder Functions
dreml: Remainder Functions
dsqrtl: Misc FP Arithmetic
dsubl: Misc FP Arithmetic
DTTOIF: Directory Entries
dup: Duplicating Descriptors
dup2: Duplicating Descriptors

ecvt: System V Number Conversion
ecvt_r: System V Number Conversion
endfsent: fstab
endgrent: Scanning All Groups
endhostent: Host Names
endmntent: mtab
endnetent: Networks Database
endnetgrent: Lookup Netgroup
endprotoent: Protocols Database
endpwent: Scanning All Users
endservent: Services Database
endutent: Manipulating the Database
endutxent: XPG Functions
envz_add: Envz Functions
envz_entry: Envz Functions
envz_get: Envz Functions
envz_merge: Envz Functions
envz_remove: Envz Functions
envz_strip: Envz Functions
erand48: SVID Random
erand48_r: SVID Random
erf: Special Functions
erfc: Special Functions
erfcf: Special Functions
erfcfN: Special Functions
erfcfNx: Special Functions
erfcl: Special Functions
erff: Special Functions
erffN: Special Functions
erffNx: Special Functions
erfl: Special Functions
err: Error Messages
error: Error Messages
error_at_line: Error Messages
errx: Error Messages
execl: Executing a File
execle: Executing a File
execlp: Executing a File
execv: Executing a File
execve: Executing a File
execvp: Executing a File
exit: Normal Termination
exp: Exponents and Logarithms
exp10: Exponents and Logarithms
exp10f: Exponents and Logarithms
exp10fN: Exponents and Logarithms
exp10fNx: Exponents and Logarithms
exp10l: Exponents and Logarithms
exp2: Exponents and Logarithms
exp2f: Exponents and Logarithms
exp2fN: Exponents and Logarithms
exp2fNx: Exponents and Logarithms
exp2l: Exponents and Logarithms
expf: Exponents and Logarithms
expfN: Exponents and Logarithms
expfNx: Exponents and Logarithms
expl: Exponents and Logarithms
explicit_bzero: Erasing Sensitive Data
expm1: Exponents and Logarithms
expm1f: Exponents and Logarithms
expm1fN: Exponents and Logarithms
expm1fNx: Exponents and Logarithms
expm1l: Exponents and Logarithms

fabs: Absolute Value
fabsf: Absolute Value
fabsfN: Absolute Value
fabsfNx: Absolute Value
fabsl: Absolute Value
fadd: Misc FP Arithmetic
faddl: Misc FP Arithmetic
fchdir: Working Directory
fchmod: Setting Permissions
fchown: File Owner
fclose: Closing Streams
fcloseall: Closing Streams
fcntl: Control Operations
fcvt: System V Number Conversion
fcvt_r: System V Number Conversion
fdatasync: Synchronizing I/O
fdim: Misc FP Arithmetic
fdimf: Misc FP Arithmetic
fdimfN: Misc FP Arithmetic
fdimfNx: Misc FP Arithmetic
fdiml: Misc FP Arithmetic
fdiv: Misc FP Arithmetic
fdivl: Misc FP Arithmetic
fdopen: Descriptors and Streams
fdopendir: Opening a Directory
FD_CLR: Waiting for I/O
FD_ISSET: Waiting for I/O
FD_SET: Waiting for I/O
FD_ZERO: Waiting for I/O
feclearexcept: Status bit operations
fedisableexcept: Control Functions
feenableexcept: Control Functions
fegetenv: Control Functions
fegetexcept: Control Functions
fegetexceptflag: Status bit operations
fegetmode: Control Functions
fegetround: Rounding
feholdexcept: Control Functions
feof: EOF and Errors
feof_unlocked: EOF and Errors
feraiseexcept: Status bit operations
ferror: EOF and Errors
ferror_unlocked: EOF and Errors
fesetenv: Control Functions
fesetexcept: Status bit operations
fesetexceptflag: Status bit operations
fesetmode: Control Functions
fesetround: Rounding
fetestexcept: Status bit operations
fetestexceptflag: Status bit operations
feupdateenv: Control Functions
fexecve: Executing a File
fflush: Flushing Buffers
fflush_unlocked: Flushing Buffers
ffma: Misc FP Arithmetic
ffmal: Misc FP Arithmetic
fgetc: Character Input
fgetc_unlocked: Character Input
fgetgrent: Scanning All Groups
fgetgrent_r: Scanning All Groups
fgetpos: Portable Positioning
fgetpos64: Portable Positioning
fgetpwent: Scanning All Users
fgetpwent_r: Scanning All Users
fgets: Line Input
fgets_unlocked: Line Input
fgetwc: Character Input
fgetwc_unlocked: Character Input
fgetws: Line Input
fgetws_unlocked: Line Input
fileno: Descriptors and Streams
fileno_unlocked: Descriptors and Streams
finite: Floating Point Classes
finitef: Floating Point Classes
finitel: Floating Point Classes
flockfile: Streams and Threads
floor: Rounding Functions
floorf: Rounding Functions
floorfN: Rounding Functions
floorfNx: Rounding Functions
floorl: Rounding Functions
fma: Misc FP Arithmetic
fMaddfN: Misc FP Arithmetic
fMaddfNx: Misc FP Arithmetic
fmaf: Misc FP Arithmetic
fmafN: Misc FP Arithmetic
fmafNx: Misc FP Arithmetic
fmal: Misc FP Arithmetic
fmax: Misc FP Arithmetic
fmaxf: Misc FP Arithmetic
fmaxfN: Misc FP Arithmetic
fmaxfNx: Misc FP Arithmetic
fmaximum: Misc FP Arithmetic
fmaximumf: Misc FP Arithmetic
fmaximumfN: Misc FP Arithmetic
fmaximumfNx: Misc FP Arithmetic
fmaximuml: Misc FP Arithmetic
fmaximum_mag: Misc FP Arithmetic
fmaximum_magf: Misc FP Arithmetic
fmaximum_magfN: Misc FP Arithmetic
fmaximum_magfNx: Misc FP Arithmetic
fmaximum_magl: Misc FP Arithmetic
fmaximum_mag_num: Misc FP Arithmetic
fmaximum_mag_numf: Misc FP Arithmetic
fmaximum_mag_numfN: Misc FP Arithmetic
fmaximum_mag_numfNx: Misc FP Arithmetic
fmaximum_mag_numl: Misc FP Arithmetic
fmaximum_num: Misc FP Arithmetic
fmaximum_numf: Misc FP Arithmetic
fmaximum_numfN: Misc FP Arithmetic
fmaximum_numfNx: Misc FP Arithmetic
fmaximum_numl: Misc FP Arithmetic
fmaxl: Misc FP Arithmetic
fmaxmag: Misc FP Arithmetic
fmaxmagf: Misc FP Arithmetic
fmaxmagfN: Misc FP Arithmetic
fmaxmagfNx: Misc FP Arithmetic
fmaxmagl: Misc FP Arithmetic
fMdivfN: Misc FP Arithmetic
fMdivfNx: Misc FP Arithmetic
fmemopen: String Streams
fMfmafN: Misc FP Arithmetic
fMfmafNx: Misc FP Arithmetic
fmin: Misc FP Arithmetic
fminf: Misc FP Arithmetic
fminfN: Misc FP Arithmetic
fminfNx: Misc FP Arithmetic
fminimum: Misc FP Arithmetic
fminimumf: Misc FP Arithmetic
fminimumfN: Misc FP Arithmetic
fminimumfNx: Misc FP Arithmetic
fminimuml: Misc FP Arithmetic
fminimum_mag: Misc FP Arithmetic
fminimum_magf: Misc FP Arithmetic
fminimum_magfN: Misc FP Arithmetic
fminimum_magfNx: Misc FP Arithmetic
fminimum_magl: Misc FP Arithmetic
fminimum_mag_num: Misc FP Arithmetic
fminimum_mag_numf: Misc FP Arithmetic
fminimum_mag_numfN: Misc FP Arithmetic
fminimum_mag_numfNx: Misc FP Arithmetic
fminimum_mag_numl: Misc FP Arithmetic
fminimum_num: Misc FP Arithmetic
fminimum_numf: Misc FP Arithmetic
fminimum_numfN: Misc FP Arithmetic
fminimum_numfNx: Misc FP Arithmetic
fminimum_numl: Misc FP Arithmetic
fminl: Misc FP Arithmetic
fminmag: Misc FP Arithmetic
fminmagf: Misc FP Arithmetic
fminmagfN: Misc FP Arithmetic
fminmagfNx: Misc FP Arithmetic
fminmagl: Misc FP Arithmetic
fMmulfN: Misc FP Arithmetic
fMmulfNx: Misc FP Arithmetic
fmod: Remainder Functions
fmodf: Remainder Functions
fmodfN: Remainder Functions
fmodfNx: Remainder Functions
fmodl: Remainder Functions
fMsqrtfN: Misc FP Arithmetic
fMsqrtfNx: Misc FP Arithmetic
fMsubfN: Misc FP Arithmetic
fMsubfNx: Misc FP Arithmetic
fmtmsg: Printing Formatted Messages
fmul: Misc FP Arithmetic
fmull: Misc FP Arithmetic
fMxaddfN: Misc FP Arithmetic
fMxaddfNx: Misc FP Arithmetic
fMxdivfN: Misc FP Arithmetic
fMxdivfNx: Misc FP Arithmetic
fMxfmafN: Misc FP Arithmetic
fMxfmafNx: Misc FP Arithmetic
fMxmulfN: Misc FP Arithmetic
fMxmulfNx: Misc FP Arithmetic
fMxsqrtfN: Misc FP Arithmetic
fMxsqrtfNx: Misc FP Arithmetic
fMxsubfN: Misc FP Arithmetic
fMxsubfNx: Misc FP Arithmetic
fnmatch: Wildcard Matching
fopen: Opening Streams
fopen64: Opening Streams
fopencookie: Streams and Cookies
fork: Creating a Process
forkpty: Pseudo-Terminal Pairs
fpathconf: Pathconf
fpclassify: Floating Point Classes
fprintf: Formatted Output Functions
fputc: Simple Output
fputc_unlocked: Simple Output
fputs: Simple Output
fputs_unlocked: Simple Output
fputwc: Simple Output
fputwc_unlocked: Simple Output
fputws: Simple Output
fputws_unlocked: Simple Output
fread: Block Input/Output
fread_unlocked: Block Input/Output
free: Freeing after Malloc
freopen: Opening Streams
freopen64: Opening Streams
frexp: Normalization Functions
frexpf: Normalization Functions
frexpfN: Normalization Functions
frexpfNx: Normalization Functions
frexpl: Normalization Functions
fromfp: Rounding Functions
fromfpf: Rounding Functions
fromfpfN: Rounding Functions
fromfpfNx: Rounding Functions
fromfpl: Rounding Functions
fromfpx: Rounding Functions
fromfpxf: Rounding Functions
fromfpxfN: Rounding Functions
fromfpxfNx: Rounding Functions
fromfpxl: Rounding Functions
fscanf: Formatted Input Functions
fseek: File Positioning
fseeko: File Positioning
fseeko64: File Positioning
fsetpos: Portable Positioning
fsetpos64: Portable Positioning
fsqrt: Misc FP Arithmetic
fsqrtl: Misc FP Arithmetic
fstat: Reading Attributes
fstat64: Reading Attributes
fsub: Misc FP Arithmetic
fsubl: Misc FP Arithmetic
fsync: Synchronizing I/O
ftell: File Positioning
ftello: File Positioning
ftello64: File Positioning
ftruncate: File Size
ftruncate64: File Size
ftrylockfile: Streams and Threads
ftw: Working with Directory Trees
ftw64: Working with Directory Trees
funlockfile: Streams and Threads
futimes: File Times
fwide: Streams and I18N
fwprintf: Formatted Output Functions
fwrite: Block Input/Output
fwrite_unlocked: Block Input/Output
fwscanf: Formatted Input Functions

gamma: Special Functions
gammaf: Special Functions
gammal: Special Functions
gcvt: System V Number Conversion
getauxval: Auxiliary Vector
getc: Character Input
getchar: Character Input
getchar_unlocked: Character Input
getcontext: System V contexts
getcpu: CPU Affinity
getcwd: Working Directory
getc_unlocked: Character Input
getdate: General Time String Parsing
getdate_r: General Time String Parsing
getdelim: Line Input
getdents64: Low-level Directory Access
getdomainnname: Host Identification
getegid: Reading Persona
getentropy: Unpredictable Bytes
getenv: Environment Access
geteuid: Reading Persona
getfsent: fstab
getfsfile: fstab
getfsspec: fstab
getgid: Reading Persona
getgrent: Scanning All Groups
getgrent_r: Scanning All Groups
getgrgid: Lookup Group
getgrgid_r: Lookup Group
getgrnam: Lookup Group
getgrnam_r: Lookup Group
getgrouplist: Setting Groups
getgroups: Reading Persona
gethostbyaddr: Host Names
gethostbyaddr_r: Host Names
gethostbyname: Host Names
gethostbyname2: Host Names
gethostbyname2_r: Host Names
gethostbyname_r: Host Names
gethostent: Host Names
gethostid: Host Identification
gethostname: Host Identification
getitimer: Setting an Alarm
getline: Line Input
getloadavg: Processor Resources
getlogin: Who Logged In
getmntent: mtab
getmntent_r: mtab
getnetbyaddr: Networks Database
getnetbyname: Networks Database
getnetent: Networks Database
getnetgrent: Lookup Netgroup
getnetgrent_r: Lookup Netgroup
getopt: Using Getopt
getopt_long: Getopt Long Options
getopt_long_only: Getopt Long Options
getpagesize: Query Memory Parameters
getpass: getpass
getpayload: FP Bit Twiddling
getpayloadf: FP Bit Twiddling
getpayloadfN: FP Bit Twiddling
getpayloadfNx: FP Bit Twiddling
getpayloadl: FP Bit Twiddling
getpeername: Who is Connected
getpgid: Process Group Functions
getpgrp: Process Group Functions
getpid: Process Identification
getppid: Process Identification
getpriority: Traditional Scheduling Functions
getprotobyname: Protocols Database
getprotobynumber: Protocols Database
getprotoent: Protocols Database
getpt: Allocation
getpwent: Scanning All Users
getpwent_r: Scanning All Users
getpwnam: Lookup User
getpwnam_r: Lookup User
getpwuid: Lookup User
getpwuid_r: Lookup User
getrandom: Unpredictable Bytes
getrlimit: Limits on Resources
getrlimit64: Limits on Resources
getrusage: Resource Usage
gets: Line Input
getservbyname: Services Database
getservbyport: Services Database
getservent: Services Database
getsid: Process Group Functions
getsockname: Reading Address
getsockopt: Socket Option Functions
getsubopt: Suboptions
gettext: Translation with gettext
gettid: Process Identification
gettimeofday: Getting the Time
getuid: Reading Persona
getumask: Setting Permissions
getutent: Manipulating the Database
getutent_r: Manipulating the Database
getutid: Manipulating the Database
getutid_r: Manipulating the Database
getutline: Manipulating the Database
getutline_r: Manipulating the Database
getutmp: XPG Functions
getutmpx: XPG Functions
getutxent: XPG Functions
getutxid: XPG Functions
getutxline: XPG Functions
getw: Character Input
getwc: Character Input
getwchar: Character Input
getwchar_unlocked: Character Input
getwc_unlocked: Character Input
getwd: Working Directory
get_avphys_pages: Query Memory Parameters
get_current_dir_name: Working Directory
get_nprocs: Processor Resources
get_nprocs_conf: Processor Resources
get_phys_pages: Query Memory Parameters
glob: Calling Glob
glob64: Calling Glob
globfree: More Flags for Globbing
globfree64: More Flags for Globbing
gmtime: Broken-down Time
gmtime_r: Broken-down Time
grantpt: Allocation
grantpt: Configuring and compiling
gsignal: Signaling Yourself
gtty: BSD Terminal Modes

hasmntopt: mtab
hcreate: Hash Search Function
hcreate_r: Hash Search Function
hdestroy: Hash Search Function
hdestroy_r: Hash Search Function
hsearch: Hash Search Function
hsearch_r: Hash Search Function
htonl: Byte Order
htons: Byte Order
hypot: Exponents and Logarithms
hypotf: Exponents and Logarithms
hypotfN: Exponents and Logarithms
hypotfNx: Exponents and Logarithms
hypotl: Exponents and Logarithms

iconv: Generic Conversion Interface
iconv_close: Generic Conversion Interface
iconv_open: Generic Conversion Interface
IFTODT: Directory Entries
if_freenameindex: Interface Naming
if_indextoname: Interface Naming
if_nameindex: Interface Naming
if_nametoindex: Interface Naming
ilogb: Exponents and Logarithms
ilogbf: Exponents and Logarithms
ilogbfN: Exponents and Logarithms
ilogbfNx: Exponents and Logarithms
ilogbl: Exponents and Logarithms
imaxabs: Absolute Value
imaxdiv: Integer Division
index: Search Functions
inet_addr: Host Address Functions
inet_aton: Host Address Functions
inet_lnaof: Host Address Functions
inet_makeaddr: Host Address Functions
inet_netof: Host Address Functions
inet_network: Host Address Functions
inet_ntoa: Host Address Functions
inet_ntop: Host Address Functions
inet_pton: Host Address Functions
initgroups: Setting Groups
initstate: BSD Random
initstate_r: BSD Random
innetgr: Netgroup Membership
ioctl: IOCTLs
isalnum: Classification of Characters
isalpha: Classification of Characters
isascii: Classification of Characters
isatty: Is It a Terminal
isblank: Classification of Characters
iscanonical: Floating Point Classes
iscntrl: Classification of Characters
isdigit: Classification of Characters
iseqsig: FP Comparison Functions
isfinite: Floating Point Classes
isgraph: Classification of Characters
isgreater: FP Comparison Functions
isgreaterequal: FP Comparison Functions
isinf: Floating Point Classes
isinff: Floating Point Classes
isinfl: Floating Point Classes
isless: FP Comparison Functions
islessequal: FP Comparison Functions
islessgreater: FP Comparison Functions
islower: Classification of Characters
isnan: Floating Point Classes
isnan: Floating Point Classes
isnanf: Floating Point Classes
isnanl: Floating Point Classes
isnormal: Floating Point Classes
isprint: Classification of Characters
ispunct: Classification of Characters
issignaling: Floating Point Classes
isspace: Classification of Characters
issubnormal: Floating Point Classes
isunordered: FP Comparison Functions
isupper: Classification of Characters
iswalnum: Classification of Wide Characters
iswalpha: Classification of Wide Characters
iswblank: Classification of Wide Characters
iswcntrl: Classification of Wide Characters
iswctype: Classification of Wide Characters
iswdigit: Classification of Wide Characters
iswgraph: Classification of Wide Characters
iswlower: Classification of Wide Characters
iswprint: Classification of Wide Characters
iswpunct: Classification of Wide Characters
iswspace: Classification of Wide Characters
iswupper: Classification of Wide Characters
iswxdigit: Classification of Wide Characters
isxdigit: Classification of Characters
iszero: Floating Point Classes

j0: Special Functions
j0f: Special Functions
j0fN: Special Functions
j0fNx: Special Functions
j0l: Special Functions
j1: Special Functions
j1f: Special Functions
j1fN: Special Functions
j1fNx: Special Functions
j1l: Special Functions
jn: Special Functions
jnf: Special Functions
jnfN: Special Functions
jnfNx: Special Functions
jnl: Special Functions
jrand48: SVID Random
jrand48_r: SVID Random

kill: Signaling Another Process
killpg: Signaling Another Process

l64a: Encode Binary Data
labs: Absolute Value
lcong48: SVID Random
lcong48_r: SVID Random
ldexp: Normalization Functions
ldexpf: Normalization Functions
ldexpfN: Normalization Functions
ldexpfNx: Normalization Functions
ldexpl: Normalization Functions
ldiv: Integer Division
lfind: Array Search Function
lgamma: Special Functions
lgammaf: Special Functions
lgammafN: Special Functions
lgammafNx: Special Functions
lgammafNx_r: Special Functions
lgammafN_r: Special Functions
lgammaf_r: Special Functions
lgammal: Special Functions
lgammal_r: Special Functions
lgamma_r: Special Functions
link: Hard Links
linkat: Hard Links
lio_listio: Asynchronous Reads/Writes
lio_listio64: Asynchronous Reads/Writes
listen: Listening
llabs: Absolute Value
lldiv: Integer Division
llogb: Exponents and Logarithms
llogbf: Exponents and Logarithms
llogbfN: Exponents and Logarithms
llogbfNx: Exponents and Logarithms
llogbl: Exponents and Logarithms
llrint: Rounding Functions
llrintf: Rounding Functions
llrintfN: Rounding Functions
llrintfNx: Rounding Functions
llrintl: Rounding Functions
llround: Rounding Functions
llroundf: Rounding Functions
llroundfN: Rounding Functions
llroundfNx: Rounding Functions
llroundl: Rounding Functions
localeconv: The Lame Way to Locale Data
localtime: Broken-down Time
localtime_r: Broken-down Time
log: Exponents and Logarithms
log10: Exponents and Logarithms
log10f: Exponents and Logarithms
log10fN: Exponents and Logarithms
log10fNx: Exponents and Logarithms
log10l: Exponents and Logarithms
log1p: Exponents and Logarithms
log1pf: Exponents and Logarithms
log1pfN: Exponents and Logarithms
log1pfNx: Exponents and Logarithms
log1pl: Exponents and Logarithms
log2: Exponents and Logarithms
log2f: Exponents and Logarithms
log2fN: Exponents and Logarithms
log2fNx: Exponents and Logarithms
log2l: Exponents and Logarithms
logb: Exponents and Logarithms
logbf: Exponents and Logarithms
logbfN: Exponents and Logarithms
logbfNx: Exponents and Logarithms
logbl: Exponents and Logarithms
logf: Exponents and Logarithms
logfN: Exponents and Logarithms
logfNx: Exponents and Logarithms
login: Logging In and Out
login_tty: Logging In and Out
logl: Exponents and Logarithms
logout: Logging In and Out
logwtmp: Logging In and Out
longjmp: Non-Local Details
lrand48: SVID Random
lrand48_r: SVID Random
lrint: Rounding Functions
lrintf: Rounding Functions
lrintfN: Rounding Functions
lrintfNx: Rounding Functions
lrintl: Rounding Functions
lround: Rounding Functions
lroundf: Rounding Functions
lroundfN: Rounding Functions
lroundfNx: Rounding Functions
lroundl: Rounding Functions
lsearch: Array Search Function
lseek: File Position Primitive
lseek64: File Position Primitive
lstat: Reading Attributes
lstat64: Reading Attributes
lutimes: File Times

madvise: Memory-mapped I/O
main: Program Arguments
makecontext: System V contexts
mallinfo2: Statistics of Malloc
malloc: Basic Allocation
mallopt: Malloc Tunable Parameters
mblen: Non-reentrant Character Conversion
mbrlen: Converting a Character
mbrtowc: Converting a Character
mbsinit: Keeping the state
mbsnrtowcs: Converting Strings
mbsrtowcs: Converting Strings
mbstowcs: Non-reentrant String Conversion
mbtowc: Non-reentrant Character Conversion
mcheck: Heap Consistency Checking
memalign: Aligned Memory Blocks
memccpy: Copying Strings and Arrays
memchr: Search Functions
memcmp: String/Array Comparison
memcpy: Copying Strings and Arrays
memfd_create: Memory-mapped I/O
memfrob: Obfuscating Data
memmem: Search Functions
memmove: Copying Strings and Arrays
mempcpy: Copying Strings and Arrays
memrchr: Search Functions
memset: Copying Strings and Arrays
merge: Actions in the NSS configuration
mkdir: Creating Directories
mkdtemp: Temporary Files
mkfifo: FIFO Special Files
mknod: Making Special Files
mkstemp: Temporary Files
mktemp: Temporary Files
mktime: Broken-down Time
mlock: Page Lock Functions
mlock2: Page Lock Functions
mlockall: Page Lock Functions
mmap: Memory-mapped I/O
mmap64: Memory-mapped I/O
modf: Rounding Functions
modff: Rounding Functions
modffN: Rounding Functions
modffNx: Rounding Functions
modfl: Rounding Functions
mount: Mount-Unmount-Remount
mprobe: Heap Consistency Checking
mprotect: Memory Protection
mrand48: SVID Random
mrand48_r: SVID Random
mremap: Memory-mapped I/O
msync: Memory-mapped I/O
mtrace: Tracing malloc
mtx_destroy: ISO C Mutexes
mtx_init: ISO C Mutexes
mtx_lock: ISO C Mutexes
mtx_timedlock: ISO C Mutexes
mtx_trylock: ISO C Mutexes
mtx_unlock: ISO C Mutexes
munlock: Page Lock Functions
munlockall: Page Lock Functions
munmap: Memory-mapped I/O
muntrace: Tracing malloc

nan: FP Bit Twiddling
nanf: FP Bit Twiddling
nanfN: FP Bit Twiddling
nanfNx: FP Bit Twiddling
nanl: FP Bit Twiddling
nanosleep: Sleeping
nearbyint: Rounding Functions
nearbyintf: Rounding Functions
nearbyintfN: Rounding Functions
nearbyintfNx: Rounding Functions
nearbyintl: Rounding Functions
nextafter: FP Bit Twiddling
nextafterf: FP Bit Twiddling
nextafterfN: FP Bit Twiddling
nextafterfNx: FP Bit Twiddling
nextafterl: FP Bit Twiddling
nextdown: FP Bit Twiddling
nextdownf: FP Bit Twiddling
nextdownfN: FP Bit Twiddling
nextdownfNx: FP Bit Twiddling
nextdownl: FP Bit Twiddling
nexttoward: FP Bit Twiddling
nexttowardf: FP Bit Twiddling
nexttowardl: FP Bit Twiddling
nextup: FP Bit Twiddling
nextupf: FP Bit Twiddling
nextupfN: FP Bit Twiddling
nextupfNx: FP Bit Twiddling
nextupl: FP Bit Twiddling
nftw: Working with Directory Trees
nftw64: Working with Directory Trees
ngettext: Advanced gettext functions
nice: Traditional Scheduling Functions
nl_langinfo: The Elegant and Fast Way
notfound: Actions in the NSS configuration
nrand48: SVID Random
nrand48_r: SVID Random
ntohl: Byte Order
ntohs: Byte Order
ntp_adjtime: Setting and Adjusting the Time
ntp_gettime: Setting and Adjusting the Time

obstack_1grow: Growing Objects
obstack_1grow_fast: Extra Fast Growing
obstack_alignment_mask: Obstacks Data Alignment
obstack_alloc: Allocation in an Obstack
obstack_base: Status of an Obstack
obstack_blank: Growing Objects
obstack_blank_fast: Extra Fast Growing
obstack_chunk_alloc: Preparing for Obstacks
obstack_chunk_free: Preparing for Obstacks
obstack_chunk_size: Obstack Chunks
obstack_copy: Allocation in an Obstack
obstack_copy0: Allocation in an Obstack
obstack_finish: Growing Objects
obstack_free: Freeing Obstack Objects
obstack_grow: Growing Objects
obstack_grow0: Growing Objects
obstack_init: Preparing for Obstacks
obstack_int_grow: Growing Objects
obstack_int_grow_fast: Extra Fast Growing
obstack_next_free: Status of an Obstack
obstack_object_size: Growing Objects
obstack_object_size: Status of an Obstack
obstack_printf: Dynamic Output
obstack_ptr_grow: Growing Objects
obstack_ptr_grow_fast: Extra Fast Growing
obstack_room: Extra Fast Growing
obstack_vprintf: Variable Arguments Output
offsetof: Structure Measurement
on_exit: Cleanups on Exit
open: Opening and Closing Files
open64: Opening and Closing Files
opendir: Opening a Directory
openlog: openlog
openpty: Pseudo-Terminal Pairs
open_memstream: String Streams

parse_printf_format: Parsing a Template String
pathconf: Pathconf
pause: Using Pause
pclose: Pipe to a Subprocess
perror: Error Messages
pipe: Creating a Pipe
pkey_alloc: Memory Protection
pkey_free: Memory Protection
pkey_get: Memory Protection
pkey_mprotect: Memory Protection
pkey_set: Memory Protection
popen: Pipe to a Subprocess
posix_fallocate: Storage Allocation
posix_fallocate64: Storage Allocation
posix_memalign: Aligned Memory Blocks
posix_openpt: Allocation
pow: Exponents and Logarithms
powf: Exponents and Logarithms
powfN: Exponents and Logarithms
powfNx: Exponents and Logarithms
powl: Exponents and Logarithms
pread: I/O Primitives
pread64: I/O Primitives
preadv: Scatter-Gather
preadv2: Scatter-Gather
preadv64: Scatter-Gather
preadv64v2: Scatter-Gather
printf: Formatted Output Functions
printf_size: Predefined Printf Handlers
printf_size_info: Predefined Printf Handlers
psignal: Signal Messages
pthread_attr_getsigmask_np: Initial Thread Signal Mask
pthread_attr_setsigmask_np: Initial Thread Signal Mask
pthread_clockjoin_np: Waiting with Explicit Clocks
pthread_cond_clockwait: Waiting with Explicit Clocks
pthread_getattr_default_np: Default Thread Attributes
pthread_key_create: Thread-specific Data
pthread_key_delete: Thread-specific Data
pthread_rwlock_clockrdlock: Waiting with Explicit Clocks
pthread_rwlock_clockwrlock: Waiting with Explicit Clocks
pthread_setattr_default_np: Default Thread Attributes
pthread_setspecific: Thread-specific Data
pthread_timedjoin_np: Waiting with Explicit Clocks
pthread_tryjoin_np: Waiting with Explicit Clocks
ptsname: Allocation
ptsname_r: Allocation
putc: Simple Output
putchar: Simple Output
putchar_unlocked: Simple Output
putc_unlocked: Simple Output
putenv: Environment Access
putpwent: Writing a User Entry
puts: Simple Output
pututline: Manipulating the Database
pututxline: XPG Functions
putw: Simple Output
putwc: Simple Output
putwchar: Simple Output
putwchar_unlocked: Simple Output
putwc_unlocked: Simple Output
pwrite: I/O Primitives
pwrite64: I/O Primitives
pwritev: Scatter-Gather
pwritev2: Scatter-Gather
pwritev64: Scatter-Gather
pwritev64v2: Scatter-Gather

qecvt: System V Number Conversion
qecvt_r: System V Number Conversion
qfcvt: System V Number Conversion
qfcvt_r: System V Number Conversion
qgcvt: System V Number Conversion
qsort: Array Sort Function

raise: Signaling Yourself
rand: ISO Random
random: BSD Random
random_r: BSD Random
rand_r: ISO Random
rawmemchr: Search Functions
read: I/O Primitives
readdir: Reading/Closing Directory
readdir64: Reading/Closing Directory
readdir64_r: Reading/Closing Directory
readdir_r: Reading/Closing Directory
readlink: Symbolic Links
readv: Scatter-Gather
realloc: Changing Block Size
reallocarray: Changing Block Size
realpath: Symbolic Links
recv: Receiving Data
recvfrom: Receiving Datagrams
regcomp: POSIX Regexp Compilation
regerror: Regexp Cleanup
regexec: Matching POSIX Regexps
regfree: Regexp Cleanup
register_printf_function: Registering New Conversions
remainder: Remainder Functions
remainderf: Remainder Functions
remainderfN: Remainder Functions
remainderfNx: Remainder Functions
remainderl: Remainder Functions
remove: Deleting Files
rename: Renaming Files
return: Actions in the NSS configuration
rewind: File Positioning
rewinddir: Random Access Directory
rindex: Search Functions
rint: Rounding Functions
rintf: Rounding Functions
rintfN: Rounding Functions
rintfNx: Rounding Functions
rintl: Rounding Functions
rmdir: Deleting Files
round: Rounding Functions
roundeven: Rounding Functions
roundevenf: Rounding Functions
roundevenfN: Rounding Functions
roundevenfNx: Rounding Functions
roundevenl: Rounding Functions
roundf: Rounding Functions
roundfN: Rounding Functions
roundfNx: Rounding Functions
roundl: Rounding Functions
rpmatch: Yes-or-No Questions

scalb: Normalization Functions
scalbf: Normalization Functions
scalbl: Normalization Functions
scalbln: Normalization Functions
scalblnf: Normalization Functions
scalblnfN: Normalization Functions
scalblnfNx: Normalization Functions
scalblnl: Normalization Functions
scalbn: Normalization Functions
scalbnf: Normalization Functions
scalbnfN: Normalization Functions
scalbnfNx: Normalization Functions
scalbnl: Normalization Functions
scandir: Scanning Directory Content
scandir64: Scanning Directory Content
scanf: Formatted Input Functions
sched_getaffinity: CPU Affinity
sched_getparam: Basic Scheduling Functions
sched_getscheduler: Basic Scheduling Functions
sched_get_priority_max: Basic Scheduling Functions
sched_get_priority_min: Basic Scheduling Functions
sched_rr_get_interval: Basic Scheduling Functions
sched_setaffinity: CPU Affinity
sched_setparam: Basic Scheduling Functions
sched_setscheduler: Basic Scheduling Functions
sched_yield: Basic Scheduling Functions
secure_getenv: Environment Access
seed48: SVID Random
seed48_r: SVID Random
seekdir: Random Access Directory
select: Waiting for I/O
semctl: Semaphores
semget: Semaphores
semop: Semaphores
semtimedop: Semaphores
sem_clockwait: Waiting with Explicit Clocks
sem_close: Semaphores
sem_destroy: Semaphores
sem_getvalue: Semaphores
sem_init: Semaphores
sem_post: Semaphores
sem_timedwait: Semaphores
sem_trywait: Semaphores
sem_unlink: Semaphores
sem_wait: Semaphores
send: Sending Data
sendto: Sending Datagrams
setbuf: Controlling Buffering
setbuffer: Controlling Buffering
setcontext: System V contexts
setdomainname: Host Identification
setegid: Setting Groups
setenv: Environment Access
seteuid: Setting User ID
setfsent: fstab
setgid: Setting Groups
setgrent: Scanning All Groups
setgroups: Setting Groups
sethostent: Host Names
sethostid: Host Identification
sethostname: Host Identification
setitimer: Setting an Alarm
setjmp: Non-Local Details
setlinebuf: Controlling Buffering
setlocale: Setting the Locale
setlogmask: setlogmask
setmntent: mtab
setnetent: Networks Database
setnetgrent: Lookup Netgroup
setpayload: FP Bit Twiddling
setpayloadf: FP Bit Twiddling
setpayloadfN: FP Bit Twiddling
setpayloadfNx: FP Bit Twiddling
setpayloadl: FP Bit Twiddling
setpayloadsig: FP Bit Twiddling
setpayloadsigf: FP Bit Twiddling
setpayloadsigfN: FP Bit Twiddling
setpayloadsigfNx: FP Bit Twiddling
setpayloadsigl: FP Bit Twiddling
setpgid: Process Group Functions
setpgrp: Process Group Functions
setpriority: Traditional Scheduling Functions
setprotoent: Protocols Database
setpwent: Scanning All Users
setregid: Setting Groups
setreuid: Setting User ID
setrlimit: Limits on Resources
setrlimit64: Limits on Resources
setservent: Services Database
setsid: Process Group Functions
setsockopt: Socket Option Functions
setstate: BSD Random
setstate_r: BSD Random
settimeofday: Setting and Adjusting the Time
setuid: Setting User ID
setutent: Manipulating the Database
setutxent: XPG Functions
setvbuf: Controlling Buffering
shm_open: Memory-mapped I/O
shm_unlink: Memory-mapped I/O
shutdown: Closing a Socket
sigabbrev_np: Signal Messages
sigaction: Advanced Signal Handling
sigaddset: Signal Sets
sigaltstack: Signal Stack
sigblock: BSD Signal Handling
sigdelset: Signal Sets
sigdescr_np: Signal Messages
sigemptyset: Signal Sets
sigfillset: Signal Sets
siginterrupt: BSD Signal Handling
sigismember: Signal Sets
siglongjmp: Non-Local Exits and Signals
sigmask: BSD Signal Handling
signal: Basic Signal Handling
signbit: FP Bit Twiddling
significand: Normalization Functions
significandf: Normalization Functions
significandl: Normalization Functions
sigpause: BSD Signal Handling
sigpending: Checking for Pending Signals
sigprocmask: Process Signal Mask
sigsetjmp: Non-Local Exits and Signals
sigsetmask: BSD Signal Handling
sigstack: Signal Stack
sigsuspend: Sigsuspend
sin: Trig Functions
sincos: Trig Functions
sincosf: Trig Functions
sincosfN: Trig Functions
sincosfNx: Trig Functions
sincosl: Trig Functions
sinf: Trig Functions
sinfN: Trig Functions
sinfNx: Trig Functions
sinh: Hyperbolic Functions
sinhf: Hyperbolic Functions
sinhfN: Hyperbolic Functions
sinhfNx: Hyperbolic Functions
sinhl: Hyperbolic Functions
sinl: Trig Functions
sleep: Sleeping
snprintf: Formatted Output Functions
socket: Creating a Socket
socketpair: Socket Pairs
sprintf: Formatted Output Functions
sqrt: Exponents and Logarithms
sqrtf: Exponents and Logarithms
sqrtfN: Exponents and Logarithms
sqrtfNx: Exponents and Logarithms
sqrtl: Exponents and Logarithms
srand: ISO Random
srand48: SVID Random
srand48_r: SVID Random
srandom: BSD Random
srandom_r: BSD Random
sscanf: Formatted Input Functions
ssignal: Basic Signal Handling
stat: Reading Attributes
stat64: Reading Attributes
stime: Setting and Adjusting the Time
stpcpy: Copying Strings and Arrays
stpncpy: Truncating Strings
strcasecmp: String/Array Comparison
strcasestr: Search Functions
strcat: Concatenating Strings
strchr: Search Functions
strchrnul: Search Functions
strcmp: String/Array Comparison
strcoll: Collation Functions
strcpy: Copying Strings and Arrays
strcspn: Search Functions
strdup: Copying Strings and Arrays
strdupa: Copying Strings and Arrays
strerror: Error Messages
strerrordesc_np: Error Messages
strerrorname_np: Error Messages
strerror_l: Error Messages
strerror_r: Error Messages
strerror_r: Error Messages
strfmon: Formatting Numbers
strfromd: Printing of Floats
strfromf: Printing of Floats
strfromfN: Printing of Floats
strfromfNx: Printing of Floats
strfroml: Printing of Floats
strfry: Shuffling Bytes
strftime: Formatting Calendar Time
strlcat: Truncating Strings
strlcpy: Truncating Strings
strlen: String Length
strncasecmp: String/Array Comparison
strncat: Truncating Strings
strncmp: String/Array Comparison
strncpy: Truncating Strings
strndup: Truncating Strings
strndupa: Truncating Strings
strnlen: String Length
strpbrk: Search Functions
strptime: Low-Level Time String Parsing
strrchr: Search Functions
strsep: Finding Tokens in a String
strsignal: Signal Messages
strspn: Search Functions
strstr: Search Functions
strtod: Parsing of Floats
strtof: Parsing of Floats
strtofN: Parsing of Floats
strtofNx: Parsing of Floats
strtoimax: Parsing of Integers
strtok: Finding Tokens in a String
strtok_r: Finding Tokens in a String
strtol: Parsing of Integers
strtold: Parsing of Floats
strtoll: Parsing of Integers
strtoq: Parsing of Integers
strtoul: Parsing of Integers
strtoull: Parsing of Integers
strtoumax: Parsing of Integers
strtouq: Parsing of Integers
strverscmp: String/Array Comparison
strxfrm: Collation Functions
stty: BSD Terminal Modes
success: Actions in the NSS configuration
SUN_LEN: Local Namespace Details
swapcontext: System V contexts
swprintf: Formatted Output Functions
swscanf: Formatted Input Functions
symlink: Symbolic Links
sync: Synchronizing I/O
syscall: System Calls
sysconf: Sysconf Definition
syslog: syslog; vsyslog
system: Running a Command
sysv_signal: Basic Signal Handling
S_ISBLK: Testing File Type
S_ISCHR: Testing File Type
S_ISDIR: Testing File Type
S_ISFIFO: Testing File Type
S_ISLNK: Testing File Type
S_ISREG: Testing File Type
S_ISSOCK: Testing File Type
S_TYPEISMQ: Testing File Type
S_TYPEISSEM: Testing File Type
S_TYPEISSHM: Testing File Type

tan: Trig Functions
tanf: Trig Functions
tanfN: Trig Functions
tanfNx: Trig Functions
tanh: Hyperbolic Functions
tanhf: Hyperbolic Functions
tanhfN: Hyperbolic Functions
tanhfNx: Hyperbolic Functions
tanhl: Hyperbolic Functions
tanl: Trig Functions
tcdrain: Line Control
tcflow: Line Control
tcflush: Line Control
tcgetattr: Mode Functions
tcgetpgrp: Terminal Access Functions
tcgetsid: Terminal Access Functions
tcsendbreak: Line Control
tcsetattr: Mode Functions
tcsetpgrp: Terminal Access Functions
tdelete: Tree Search Function
tdestroy: Tree Search Function
telldir: Random Access Directory
tempnam: Temporary Files
TEMP_FAILURE_RETRY: Interrupted Primitives
textdomain: Locating gettext catalog
tfind: Tree Search Function
tgamma: Special Functions
tgammaf: Special Functions
tgammafN: Special Functions
tgammafNx: Special Functions
tgammal: Special Functions
tgkill: Signaling Another Process
thrd_create: ISO C Thread Management
thrd_current: ISO C Thread Management
thrd_detach: ISO C Thread Management
thrd_equal: ISO C Thread Management
thrd_exit: ISO C Thread Management
thrd_join: ISO C Thread Management
thrd_sleep: ISO C Thread Management
thrd_yield: ISO C Thread Management
time: Getting the Time
timegm: Broken-down Time
timelocal: Broken-down Time
times: Processor Time
tmpfile: Temporary Files
tmpfile64: Temporary Files
tmpnam: Temporary Files
tmpnam_r: Temporary Files
toascii: Case Conversion
tolower: Case Conversion
totalorder: FP Comparison Functions
totalorderf: FP Comparison Functions
totalorderfN: FP Comparison Functions
totalorderfNx: FP Comparison Functions
totalorderl: FP Comparison Functions
totalordermag: FP Comparison Functions
totalordermagf: FP Comparison Functions
totalordermagfN: FP Comparison Functions
totalordermagfNx: FP Comparison Functions
totalordermagl: FP Comparison Functions
toupper: Case Conversion
towctrans: Wide Character Case Conversion
towlower: Wide Character Case Conversion
towupper: Wide Character Case Conversion
trunc: Rounding Functions
truncate: File Size
truncate64: File Size
truncf: Rounding Functions
truncfN: Rounding Functions
truncfNx: Rounding Functions
truncl: Rounding Functions
tryagain: Actions in the NSS configuration
tsearch: Tree Search Function
tss_create: ISO C Thread-local Storage
tss_delete: ISO C Thread-local Storage
tss_get: ISO C Thread-local Storage
tss_set: ISO C Thread-local Storage
ttyname: Is It a Terminal
ttyname_r: Is It a Terminal
twalk: Tree Search Function
twalk_r: Tree Search Function
tzset: Time Zone Functions

ufromfp: Rounding Functions
ufromfpf: Rounding Functions
ufromfpfN: Rounding Functions
ufromfpfNx: Rounding Functions
ufromfpl: Rounding Functions
ufromfpx: Rounding Functions
ufromfpxf: Rounding Functions
ufromfpxfN: Rounding Functions
ufromfpxfNx: Rounding Functions
ufromfpxl: Rounding Functions
ulimit: Limits on Resources
umask: Setting Permissions
umount: Mount-Unmount-Remount
umount2: Mount-Unmount-Remount
uname: Platform Type
unavail: Actions in the NSS configuration
ungetc: How Unread
ungetwc: How Unread
unlink: Deleting Files
unlockpt: Allocation
unsetenv: Environment Access
updwtmp: Manipulating the Database
utime: File Times
utimes: File Times
utmpname: Manipulating the Database
utmpxname: XPG Functions

valloc: Aligned Memory Blocks
vasprintf: Variable Arguments Output
va_arg: Argument Macros
va_copy: Argument Macros
va_end: Argument Macros
va_start: Argument Macros
verr: Error Messages
verrx: Error Messages
versionsort: Scanning Directory Content
versionsort64: Scanning Directory Content
vfork: Creating a Process
vfprintf: Variable Arguments Output
vfscanf: Variable Arguments Input
vfwprintf: Variable Arguments Output
vfwscanf: Variable Arguments Input
vlimit: Limits on Resources
vprintf: Variable Arguments Output
vscanf: Variable Arguments Input
vsnprintf: Variable Arguments Output
vsprintf: Variable Arguments Output
vsscanf: Variable Arguments Input
vswprintf: Variable Arguments Output
vswscanf: Variable Arguments Input
vsyslog: syslog; vsyslog
vwarn: Error Messages
vwarnx: Error Messages
vwprintf: Variable Arguments Output
vwscanf: Variable Arguments Input

wait: Process Completion
wait3: BSD Wait Functions
wait4: Process Completion
waitpid: Process Completion
warn: Error Messages
warnx: Error Messages
WCOREDUMP: Process Completion Status
wcpcpy: Copying Strings and Arrays
wcpncpy: Truncating Strings
wcrtomb: Converting a Character
wcscasecmp: String/Array Comparison
wcscat: Concatenating Strings
wcschr: Search Functions
wcschrnul: Search Functions
wcscmp: String/Array Comparison
wcscoll: Collation Functions
wcscpy: Copying Strings and Arrays
wcscspn: Search Functions
wcsdup: Copying Strings and Arrays
wcsftime: Formatting Calendar Time
wcslcat: Truncating Strings
wcslcpy: Truncating Strings
wcslen: String Length
wcsncasecmp: String/Array Comparison
wcsncat: Truncating Strings
wcsncmp: String/Array Comparison
wcsncpy: Truncating Strings
wcsnlen: String Length
wcsnrtombs: Converting Strings
wcspbrk: Search Functions
wcsrchr: Search Functions
wcsrtombs: Converting Strings
wcsspn: Search Functions
wcsstr: Search Functions
wcstod: Parsing of Floats
wcstof: Parsing of Floats
wcstofN: Parsing of Floats
wcstofNx: Parsing of Floats
wcstoimax: Parsing of Integers
wcstok: Finding Tokens in a String
wcstol: Parsing of Integers
wcstold: Parsing of Floats
wcstoll: Parsing of Integers
wcstombs: Non-reentrant String Conversion
wcstoq: Parsing of Integers
wcstoul: Parsing of Integers
wcstoull: Parsing of Integers
wcstoumax: Parsing of Integers
wcstouq: Parsing of Integers
wcswcs: Search Functions
wcsxfrm: Collation Functions
wctob: Converting a Character
wctomb: Non-reentrant Character Conversion
wctrans: Wide Character Case Conversion
wctype: Classification of Wide Characters
WEXITSTATUS: Process Completion Status
WIFEXITED: Process Completion Status
WIFSIGNALED: Process Completion Status
WIFSTOPPED: Process Completion Status
wmemchr: Search Functions
wmemcmp: String/Array Comparison
wmemcpy: Copying Strings and Arrays
wmemmove: Copying Strings and Arrays
wmempcpy: Copying Strings and Arrays
wmemset: Copying Strings and Arrays
wordexp: Calling Wordexp
wordfree: Calling Wordexp
wprintf: Formatted Output Functions
write: I/O Primitives
writev: Scatter-Gather
wscanf: Formatted Input Functions
WSTOPSIG: Process Completion Status
WTERMSIG: Process Completion Status

y0: Special Functions
y0f: Special Functions
y0fN: Special Functions
y0fNx: Special Functions
y0l: Special Functions
y1: Special Functions
y1f: Special Functions
y1fN: Special Functions
y1fNx: Special Functions
y1l: Special Functions
yn: Special Functions
ynf: Special Functions
ynfN: Special Functions
ynfNx: Special Functions
ynl: Special Functions

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