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MIT/GNU Scheme release notes

Stable release 9.2

Stable release 9.1

Incompatible changes

Major new features

Experimental new features

Major changes

Minor new features

Minor changes and bug fixes

Stable release 9.0

(Note that we're skipping the 8.x version numbers because long ago there was an 8.x series that we never released.)

In the past my (Chris Hanson's) policy for a stable release was that the documentation had to be updated for the release before it went out. In practice, this has meant that there have been no stable releases in recent years. As of this release, we will no longer consider updated documentation a prerequisite for a stable release.

Major changes

Incompatibilities with previous releases

System usage changes

Changes to the runtime

Improved XML support

Changes to Edwin

Changes to IMAIL

Testing release 7.7.90

As of this release, MIT Scheme is a part of the GNU project and has been renamed MIT/GNU Scheme. The project is now hosted on Savannah. License text in the source files has been changed, and a license/warranty statement is now emitted during boot, to conform to the GNU coding standards.

This is the first testing release of MIT/GNU Scheme. I had originally planned to do a stable 7.8.0 release, but time pressures have made it difficult to bring the documentation up to date, so this release comes with out-of-date documentation. Additionally, there will be binaries only for GNU/Linux; users of other systems will have to wait for the stable release.

Incompatibilities with previous releases

Changes to the runtime system

Changes to Edwin

Changes to XML support

Stable release 7.7.1

Release 7.7.1 fixes several bugs in IMAIL; fixes a bug that prevented the use of server sockets on Windows systems; and fixes a bug that caused the debugger to generate errors in common circumstances.

Stable release 7.7.0

This release provides hygienic macro support, as defined in R4RS and R5RS. This is a complete rewrite of the syntax engine, so any program that uses macros should be rewritten to use the new engine. A subset of the old macro-definition syntax is still supported, but this will eventually be removed. Note that the new syntax engine has no effect on the compiled-code format; most binaries compiled by release 7.6.x should continue to work.

User-visible consequences to this change

Other notable changes in this release


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