Index of Calculator Commands

Since all Calculator commands begin with the prefix ‘calc-’, the x key has been provided as a variant of M-x which automatically types ‘calc-’ for you. Thus, x last-args is short for M-x calc-last-args.

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another-calc: Multiple Calculators

calc: Basic Commands
calc-abs: Basic Arithmetic
calc-abs (vectors): Vector and Matrix Arithmetic
calc-abssqr: Basic Arithmetic
calc-alg-evaluate: Algebraic Manipulation
calc-alg-simplify-mode: Simplification Modes
calc-algebraic-entry: Algebraic Entry
calc-algebraic-mode: Algebraic Entry
calc-alt-summation: Summations
calc-always-load-extensions: General Mode Commands
calc-and: Binary Functions
calc-apart: Polynomials
calc-append-to-register: Saving Into Registers
calc-apply: Reducing and Mapping
calc-arccos: Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Functions
calc-arccosh: Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Functions
calc-arcsin: Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Functions
calc-arcsinh: Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Functions
calc-arctan: Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Functions
calc-arctan2: Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Functions
calc-arctanh: Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Functions
calc-argument: Complex Number Functions
calc-arrange-vector: Manipulating Vectors
calc-assign: Evaluates-To Operator
calc-auto-recompute: Automatic Recomputation
calc-auto-recompute: Evaluates-To Operator
calc-auto-why: Error Messages
calc-autorange-units: Basic Operations on Units
calc-base-units: Basic Operations on Units
calc-basic-simplify-mode: Simplification Modes
calc-bernoulli-number: Combinatorial Functions
calc-bessel-J: Advanced Math Functions
calc-bessel-Y: Advanced Math Functions
calc-beta: Advanced Math Functions
calc-big-language: Normal Language Modes
calc-bin-simplify-mode: Simplification Modes
calc-break: Loops in Macros
calc-break-selections: Making Selections
calc-break-vectors: Vector and Matrix Formats
calc-build-vector: Building Vectors
calc-business-days-minus: Business Days
calc-business-days-plus: Business Days
calc-c-language: C FORTRAN Pascal
calc-ceiling: Integer Truncation
calc-center-justify: Justification
calc-change-sign: Basic Arithmetic
calc-choose: Combinatorial Functions
calc-clean: Conversions
calc-clean-num: Conversions
calc-clear-selections: Making Selections
calc-clip: Binary Functions
calc-cnorm: Vector and Matrix Arithmetic
calc-collect: Polynomials
calc-commute-left: Rearranging with Selections
calc-commute-right: Rearranging with Selections
calc-complex-notation: Complex Formats
calc-concat: Building Vectors
calc-conj: Complex Number Functions
calc-conj-transpose: Vector and Matrix Arithmetic
calc-cons: Building Vectors
calc-convert-exact-units: Basic Operations on Units
calc-convert-percent: Percentages
calc-convert-temperature: Basic Operations on Units
calc-convert-time-zones: Date Conversions
calc-convert-units: Basic Operations on Units
calc-copy-as-kill: Killing From Stack
calc-copy-region-as-kill: Killing From Stack
calc-copy-special-constant: Storing Variables
calc-copy-to-buffer: Yanking Into Buffers
calc-copy-to-register: Saving Into Registers
calc-copy-variable: Storing Variables
calc-cos: Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Functions
calc-cosh: Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Functions
calc-cot: Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Functions
calc-coth: Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Functions
calc-cross: Vector and Matrix Arithmetic
calc-csc: Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Functions
calc-csch: Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Functions
calc-curve-fit: Linear Fits
calc-date: Date Conversions
calc-date-notation: Date Formats
calc-date-part: Date Functions
calc-db: Logarithmic Units
calc-declare-variable: Declaration Basics
calc-decrement: Basic Arithmetic
calc-define-unit: User-Defined Units
calc-degrees-mode: Angular Modes
calc-del-selection: Operating on Selections
calc-derivative: Differentiation
calc-describe-function: Help Commands
calc-describe-key: Help Commands
calc-describe-key-briefly: Help Commands
calc-describe-variable: Help Commands
calc-diag: Building Vectors
calc-diff: Binary Functions
calc-display-strings: Strings
calc-divide: Basic Arithmetic
calc-dots: Incomplete Objects
calc-double-factorial: Combinatorial Functions
calc-edit: Editing Stack Entries
calc-edit-finish: Editing Stack Entries
calc-edit-selection: Operating on Selections
calc-edit-user-syntax: Syntax Tables
calc-edit-variable: Operations on Variables
calc-embedded: Basic Embedded Mode
calc-embedded-activate: Assignments in Embedded Mode
calc-embedded-duplicate: More About Embedded Mode
calc-embedded-edit: More About Embedded Mode
calc-embedded-new-formula: More About Embedded Mode
calc-embedded-next: More About Embedded Mode
calc-embedded-preserve-modes: Mode Settings in Embedded Mode
calc-embedded-previous: More About Embedded Mode
calc-embedded-select: Assignments in Embedded Mode
calc-embedded-update-formula: Assignments in Embedded Mode
calc-embedded-word: Basic Embedded Mode
calc-enable-selections: Operating on Selections
calc-eng-notation: Float Formats
calc-enter: Stack Manipulation
calc-enter-selection: Operating on Selections
calc-enter-units-table: The Units Table
calc-eqn-language: Eqn Language Mode
calc-equal-to: Logical Operations
calc-erf: Advanced Math Functions
calc-euler-number: Combinatorial Functions
calc-eval-num: Symbolic Mode
calc-evalto: Evaluates-To Operator
calc-evaluate: Variables
calc-execute-extended-command: Basic Commands
calc-exp: Logarithmic Functions
calc-expand: Polynomials
calc-expand-formula: Algebraic Manipulation
calc-expand-vector: Manipulating Vectors
calc-explain-units: The Units Table
calc-expm1: Logarithmic Functions
calc-ext-simplify-mode: Simplification Modes
calc-extended-gcd: Combinatorial Functions
calc-extract-units: Basic Operations on Units
calc-factor: Polynomials
calc-factorial: Combinatorial Functions
calc-fdiv: Basic Arithmetic
calc-fin-ddb: Depreciation Functions
calc-fin-fv: Future Value
calc-fin-irr: Related Financial Functions
calc-fin-nper: Related Financial Functions
calc-fin-npv: Present Value
calc-fin-pmt: Related Financial Functions
calc-fin-pv: Present Value
calc-fin-rate: Related Financial Functions
calc-fin-sln: Depreciation Functions
calc-fin-syd: Depreciation Functions
calc-find-maximum: Minimization
calc-find-minimum: Minimization
calc-find-root: Root Finding
calc-fix-notation: Float Formats
calc-flat-language: Normal Language Modes
calc-float: Conversions
calc-floor: Integer Truncation
calc-flush-caches: Caches
calc-fortran-language: C FORTRAN Pascal
calc-frac-mode: Fraction Mode
calc-fraction: Conversions
calc-freq: Musical Notes
calc-from-hms: Conversions
calc-full-help: Help Commands
calc-full-trail-vectors: Vector and Matrix Formats
calc-full-vectors: Vector and Matrix Formats
calc-gamma: Advanced Math Functions
calc-gcd: Combinatorial Functions
calc-get-modes: Modes Variable
calc-get-unit-definition: The Units Table
calc-get-user-defn: Algebraic Definitions
calc-giac-language: Giac Language Mode
calc-grab-rectangle: Grabbing From Buffers
calc-grab-region: Grabbing From Buffers
calc-grab-selection: Operating on Selections
calc-grab-sum-across: Grabbing From Buffers
calc-grab-sum-down: Grabbing From Buffers
calc-grade: Manipulating Vectors
calc-graph-add: Managing Curves
calc-graph-add-3d: Managing Curves
calc-graph-border: Graphics Options
calc-graph-clear: Basic Graphics
calc-graph-command: Devices
calc-graph-delete: Managing Curves
calc-graph-device: Devices
calc-graph-display: Devices
calc-graph-fast: Basic Graphics
calc-graph-fast-3d: Three Dimensional Graphics
calc-graph-geometry: Devices
calc-graph-grid: Graphics Options
calc-graph-header: Graphics Options
calc-graph-hide: Managing Curves
calc-graph-juggle: Managing Curves
calc-graph-key: Graphics Options
calc-graph-kill: Devices
calc-graph-line-style: Graphics Options
calc-graph-log-x: Graphics Options
calc-graph-log-y: Graphics Options
calc-graph-log-z: Graphics Options
calc-graph-name: Graphics Options
calc-graph-num-points: Graphics Options
calc-graph-output: Devices
calc-graph-plot: Managing Curves
calc-graph-point-style: Graphics Options
calc-graph-print: Managing Curves
calc-graph-quit: Devices
calc-graph-range-x: Graphics Options
calc-graph-range-y: Graphics Options
calc-graph-range-z: Graphics Options
calc-graph-title-x: Graphics Options
calc-graph-title-y: Graphics Options
calc-graph-title-z: Graphics Options
calc-graph-view-commands: Devices
calc-graph-view-trail: Devices
calc-graph-zero-x: Graphics Options
calc-graph-zero-y: Graphics Options
calc-greater-equal: Logical Operations
calc-greater-than: Logical Operations
calc-group-char: Grouping Digits
calc-group-digits: Grouping Digits
calc-head: Building Vectors
calc-help: Help Commands
calc-histogram: Manipulating Vectors
calc-hms-mode: Angular Modes
calc-hms-notation: HMS Formats
calc-hyperbolic: Inverse and Hyperbolic
calc-hypot: Basic Arithmetic
calc-i-notation: Complex Formats
calc-ident: Building Vectors
calc-idiv: Basic Arithmetic
calc-ilog: Logarithmic Functions
calc-im: Complex Number Functions
calc-imaginary: Complex Number Functions
calc-in-set: Logical Operations
calc-inc-beta: Advanced Math Functions
calc-inc-gamma: Advanced Math Functions
calc-inc-month: Date Functions
calc-increment: Basic Arithmetic
calc-index: Building Vectors
calc-infinite-mode: Infinite Mode
calc-info: Help Commands
calc-info-summary: Help Commands
calc-inner-product: Generalized Products
calc-insert-register: Inserting From Registers
calc-insert-variables: Operations on Variables
calc-integral: Integration
calc-inv: Basic Arithmetic
calc-inv (matrices): Vector and Matrix Arithmetic
calc-inverse: Inverse and Hyperbolic
calc-isqrt: Basic Arithmetic
calc-j-notation: Complex Formats
calc-julian: Date Conversions
calc-kbd-else: Conditionals in Macros
calc-kbd-else-if: Conditionals in Macros
calc-kbd-end-for: Loops in Macros
calc-kbd-end-if: Conditionals in Macros
calc-kbd-end-loop: Loops in Macros
calc-kbd-end-repeat: Loops in Macros
calc-kbd-for: Loops in Macros
calc-kbd-if: Conditionals in Macros
calc-kbd-loop: Loops in Macros
calc-kbd-pop: Local Values in Macros
calc-kbd-push: Local Values in Macros
calc-kbd-query: Queries in Macros
calc-kbd-repeat: Loops in Macros
calc-keep-args: Keep Arguments
calc-keypad: Keypad Mode
calc-kill: Killing From Stack
calc-kill-region: Killing From Stack
calc-kron: Vector and Matrix Arithmetic
calc-last-args: Undo
calc-latex-language: TeX and LaTeX Language Modes
calc-lcm: Combinatorial Functions
calc-leading-zeros: Radix Modes
calc-left-justify: Justification
calc-left-label: Labels
calc-less-equal: Logical Operations
calc-less-recursion-depth: Recursion Depth
calc-less-than: Logical Operations
calc-let: Let Command
calc-line-breaking: Normal Language Modes
calc-line-numbering: Stack Basics
calc-ln: Logarithmic Functions
calc-lnp1: Logarithmic Functions
calc-load-everything: Autoloading Problems
calc-log: Logarithmic Functions
calc-log10: Logarithmic Functions
calc-logical-and: Logical Operations
calc-logical-if: Logical Operations
calc-logical-not: Logical Operations
calc-logical-or: Logical Operations
calc-lshift-arith: Binary Functions
calc-lshift-binary: Binary Functions
calc-ltpt: Probability Distribution Functions
calc-lu-divide: Logarithmic Units
calc-lu-minus: Logarithmic Units
calc-lu-plus: Logarithmic Units
calc-lu-quant: Logarithmic Units
calc-lu-times: Logarithmic Units
calc-mant-part: Basic Arithmetic
calc-map: Mapping
calc-map-equation: Algebraic Manipulation
calc-maple-language: Maple Language Mode
calc-mask-vector: Manipulating Vectors
calc-match: Matching Commands
calc-mathematica-language: Mathematica Language Mode
calc-matrix-brackets: Vector and Matrix Formats
calc-matrix-center-justify: Vector and Matrix Formats
calc-matrix-left-justify: Vector and Matrix Formats
calc-matrix-mode: Matrix Mode
calc-matrix-right-justify: Vector and Matrix Formats
calc-max: Basic Arithmetic
calc-maxima-language: Maxima Language Mode
calc-mcol: Extracting Elements
calc-mdet: Vector and Matrix Arithmetic
calc-midi: Musical Notes
calc-min: Basic Arithmetic
calc-minus: Basic Arithmetic
calc-mlud: Vector and Matrix Arithmetic
calc-mod: Basic Arithmetic
calc-mode: Basic Commands
calc-mode-record-mode: General Mode Commands
calc-moebius: Combinatorial Functions
calc-more-recursion-depth: Recursion Depth
calc-mrow: Extracting Elements
calc-mtrace: Vector and Matrix Arithmetic
calc-new-month: Date Functions
calc-new-week: Date Functions
calc-new-year: Date Functions
calc-next-prime: Combinatorial Functions
calc-no-simplify-mode: Simplification Modes
calc-normal-language: Normal Language Modes
calc-normal-notation: Float Formats
calc-normalize-rat: Polynomials
calc-not: Binary Functions
calc-not-equal-to: Logical Operations
calc-now: Date Functions
calc-np: Logarithmic Units
calc-num-integral: Numerical Integration
calc-num-prefix: Prefix Arguments
calc-num-simplify-mode: Simplification Modes
calc-option: Inverse and Hyperbolic
calc-or: Binary Functions
calc-other-window: Basic Commands
calc-outer-product: Generalized Products
calc-over: Stack Manipulation
calc-over-notation: Fraction Formats
calc-pack: Complex Number Functions
calc-pack: Packing and Unpacking
calc-pack-bits: Set Operations
calc-pascal-language: C FORTRAN Pascal
calc-percent: Percentages
calc-percent-change: Percentages
calc-perm: Combinatorial Functions
calc-permanent-units: User-Defined Units
calc-permanent-variable: Operations on Variables
calc-pi: Scientific Functions
calc-plus: Basic Arithmetic
calc-point-char: Float Formats
calc-polar: Conversions
calc-polar-mode: Polar Mode
calc-poly-div: Polynomials
calc-poly-div-rem: Polynomials
calc-poly-gcd: Polynomials
calc-poly-interp: Interpolation
calc-poly-rem: Polynomials
calc-poly-roots: Multiple Solutions
calc-pop: Stack Manipulation
calc-pop-above: Stack Manipulation
calc-power: Basic Arithmetic
calc-precision: Precision
calc-prepend-to-register: Saving Into Registers
calc-prev-prime: Combinatorial Functions
calc-prime-factors: Combinatorial Functions
calc-prime-test: Combinatorial Functions
calc-product: Summations
calc-quick-units: User-Defined Units
calc-quit: Basic Commands
calc-radians-mode: Angular Modes
calc-radix: Radix Modes
calc-random: Random Numbers
calc-random-again: Random Numbers
calc-re: Complex Number Functions
calc-realign: Stack Basics
calc-recall: Recalling Variables
calc-redo: Undo
calc-reduce: Reducing
calc-refresh: Basic Commands
calc-refresh-top: Display Modes
calc-remove-duplicates: Set Operations
calc-remove-equal: Logical Operations
calc-remove-units: Basic Operations on Units
calc-reset: Basic Commands
calc-reverse-vector: Manipulating Vectors
calc-rewrite: Rewrite Rules
calc-rewrite-selection: Selections with Rewrite Rules
calc-right-justify: Justification
calc-right-label: Labels
calc-rnorm: Vector and Matrix Arithmetic
calc-roll-down: Stack Manipulation
calc-roll-up: Stack Manipulation
calc-rotate-binary: Binary Functions
calc-round: Integer Truncation
calc-rrandom: Random Numbers
calc-rshift-arith: Binary Functions
calc-rshift-binary: Binary Functions
calc-save-modes: General Mode Commands
calc-scale-float: Basic Arithmetic
calc-sci-notation: Float Formats
calc-scroll-down: Basic Commands
calc-scroll-left: Basic Commands
calc-scroll-right: Basic Commands
calc-scroll-up: Basic Commands
calc-sec: Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Functions
calc-sech: Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Functions
calc-sel-add-both-sides: Rearranging with Selections
calc-sel-commute: Rearranging with Selections
calc-sel-distribute: Rearranging with Selections
calc-sel-div-both-sides: Rearranging with Selections
calc-sel-evaluate: Rearranging with Selections
calc-sel-expand-formula: Rearranging with Selections
calc-sel-invert: Rearranging with Selections
calc-sel-isolate: Rearranging with Selections
calc-sel-jump-equals: Rearranging with Selections
calc-sel-merge: Rearranging with Selections
calc-sel-mult-both-sides: Rearranging with Selections
calc-sel-negate: Rearranging with Selections
calc-sel-sub-both-sides: Rearranging with Selections
calc-sel-unpack: Rearranging with Selections
calc-select-additional: Making Selections
calc-select-here: Making Selections
calc-select-here-maybe: Making Selections
calc-select-less: Changing Selections
calc-select-more: Changing Selections
calc-select-next: Changing Selections
calc-select-once: Making Selections
calc-select-once-maybe: Making Selections
calc-select-part: Changing Selections
calc-select-previous: Changing Selections
calc-set-cardinality: Set Operations
calc-set-complement: Set Operations
calc-set-difference: Set Operations
calc-set-enumerate: Set Operations
calc-set-floor: Set Operations
calc-set-intersect: Set Operations
calc-set-span: Set Operations
calc-set-union: Set Operations
calc-set-xor: Set Operations
calc-settings-file-name: General Mode Commands
calc-shift-prefix: General Mode Commands
calc-show-plain: More About Embedded Mode
calc-show-selections: Displaying Selections
calc-shuffle: Random Numbers
calc-sign: Basic Arithmetic
calc-simplify: Simplifying Formulas
calc-simplify-extended: Unsafe Simplifications
calc-simplify-units: Basic Operations on Units
calc-sin: Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Functions
calc-sincos: Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Functions
calc-sinh: Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Functions
calc-solve-for: Solving Equations
calc-sort: Manipulating Vectors
calc-spn: Musical Notes
calc-sqrt: Basic Arithmetic
calc-stirling-number: Combinatorial Functions
calc-store: Storing Variables
calc-store-AlgSimpRules: Operations on Variables
calc-store-concat: Storing Variables
calc-store-Decls: Operations on Variables
calc-store-decr: Storing Variables
calc-store-div: Storing Variables
calc-store-EvalRules: Operations on Variables
calc-store-exchange: Storing Variables
calc-store-ExtSimpRules: Operations on Variables
calc-store-FitRules: Operations on Variables
calc-store-GenCount: Operations on Variables
calc-store-Holidays: Operations on Variables
calc-store-incr: Storing Variables
calc-store-IntegLimit: Operations on Variables
calc-store-into: Storing Variables
calc-store-inv: Storing Variables
calc-store-LineStyles: Operations on Variables
calc-store-map: Storing Variables
calc-store-minus: Storing Variables
calc-store-neg: Storing Variables
calc-store-PlotRejects: Operations on Variables
calc-store-plus: Storing Variables
calc-store-PointStyles: Operations on Variables
calc-store-power: Storing Variables
calc-store-times: Storing Variables
calc-store-TimeZone: Operations on Variables
calc-store-Units: Operations on Variables
calc-subscript: Extracting Elements
calc-substitute: Algebraic Manipulation
calc-subvector: Extracting Elements
calc-summation: Summations
calc-symbolic-mode: Symbolic Mode
calc-tabulate: Summations
calc-tail: Building Vectors
calc-tan: Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Functions
calc-tanh: Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Functions
calc-taylor: Taylor Series
calc-tex-language: TeX and LaTeX Language Modes
calc-time: HMS Forms
calc-time-zone: Time Zones
calc-times: Basic Arithmetic
calc-timing: Debugging Calc
calc-to-degrees: Conversions
calc-to-hms: Conversions
calc-to-radians: Conversions
calc-total-algebraic-mode: Algebraic Entry
calc-totient: Combinatorial Functions
calc-trail-backward: Trail Commands
calc-trail-display: Trail Commands
calc-trail-first: Trail Commands
calc-trail-forward: Trail Commands
calc-trail-here: Trail Commands
calc-trail-in: Trail Commands
calc-trail-isearch-backward: Trail Commands
calc-trail-isearch-forward: Trail Commands
calc-trail-kill: Trail Commands
calc-trail-last: Trail Commands
calc-trail-marker: Trail Commands
calc-trail-next: Trail Commands
calc-trail-out: Trail Commands
calc-trail-previous: Trail Commands
calc-trail-scroll-left: Trail Commands
calc-trail-scroll-right: Trail Commands
calc-trail-yank: Trail Commands
calc-transpose: Manipulating Vectors
calc-transpose-lines: Stack Manipulation
calc-trunc: Integer Truncation
calc-truncate-down: Truncating the Stack
calc-truncate-stack: Truncating the Stack
calc-truncate-up: Truncating the Stack
calc-tutorial: Help Commands
calc-undefine-unit: User-Defined Units
calc-undo: Undo
calc-unformatted-language: Normal Language Modes
calc-units-simplify-mode: Simplification Modes
calc-unix-time: Date Conversions
calc-unpack: Complex Number Functions
calc-unpack: Packing and Unpacking
calc-unpack-bits: Set Operations
calc-unselect: Making Selections
calc-unstore: Storing Variables
calc-user-define: Creating User Keys
calc-user-define-composition: User-Defined Compositions
calc-user-define-edit: Creating User Keys
calc-user-define-formula: Algebraic Definitions
calc-user-define-invocation: Invocation Macros
calc-user-define-kbd-macro: Naming Keyboard Macros
calc-user-define-permanent: Creating User Keys
calc-user-invocation: Invocation Macros
calc-user-undefine: Creating User Keys
calc-utpb: Probability Distribution Functions
calc-utpc: Probability Distribution Functions
calc-utpf: Probability Distribution Functions
calc-utpn: Probability Distribution Functions
calc-utpp: Probability Distribution Functions
calc-vector-braces: Vector and Matrix Formats
calc-vector-brackets: Vector and Matrix Formats
calc-vector-commas: Vector and Matrix Formats
calc-vector-correlation: Paired-Sample Statistics
calc-vector-count: Single-Variable Statistics
calc-vector-covariance: Paired-Sample Statistics
calc-vector-find: Manipulating Vectors
calc-vector-geometric-mean: Single-Variable Statistics
calc-vector-harmonic-mean: Single-Variable Statistics
calc-vector-max: Single-Variable Statistics
calc-vector-mean: Single-Variable Statistics
calc-vector-mean-error: Single-Variable Statistics
calc-vector-median: Single-Variable Statistics
calc-vector-min: Single-Variable Statistics
calc-vector-parens: Vector and Matrix Formats
calc-vector-pop-covariance: Paired-Sample Statistics
calc-vector-pop-sdev: Single-Variable Statistics
calc-vector-pop-variance: Single-Variable Statistics
calc-vector-prod: Single-Variable Statistics
calc-vector-sdev: Single-Variable Statistics
calc-vector-sum: Single-Variable Statistics
calc-vector-variance: Single-Variable Statistics
calc-view-units-table: The Units Table
calc-vlength: Manipulating Vectors
calc-why: Error Messages
calc-word-size: Binary Functions
calc-working: Working Message
calc-xor: Binary Functions
calc-xpon-part: Basic Arithmetic
calc-yacas-language: Yacas Language Mode
calc-yank: Yanking Into Stack

describe-bindings: Help Commands

full-calc: Basic Commands
full-calc-keypad: Keypad Mode

quick-calc: Quick Calculator

read-kbd-macro: Naming Keyboard Macros