Mini GNU Hackers Meeting at FOSDEM Brussels 2010

An informal meet up of GNU contributors attending FOSDEM 2010 in Brussels


Date and Location

This meeting took place on Friday 5, Saturday 6 - Sunday 7, February 2010 in Brussels, Belgium at the FOSDEM Conference (ULB Campus Solbosh) Note: This event was just an informal get-together at FOSDEM, not a full meeting.


  • Saturday 6 Feb
    • 13.00-19.00 GNOME Devroom open (GNOME-specific talks)
    • 13.00-19.00 Free Java Devroom open
    • 14:40 Lightning talk on Savannah, Sylvain Beucler
  • Sunday 7 Feb
    • GNUstep Devroom open all day Sunday (09:00 - 17:00) - talks
    • GNOME Devroom open all day Sunday (09:00 - 17:00) - (Cross Desktop talks)
    • AltOS Devroom open all day Sunday (09:00 - 17:00)
    • 10:30 Talk on Hurd, Olaf Buddenhagen
    • 13:30 Porting KGI graphics drivers from Linux to GNU Hurd, Olaf Buddenhagen
    • Free Java Devroom open all day Sunday (09:00 - 17:00)

Who was there

  • Henrik Sandklef (GNU Xnee)
  • Sylvain Beucler (Savannah, Freedink)
  • José Marchesi (GNU PDF)
  • Aleksander Morgado (GNU PDF)
  • Brian Gough (GNU Scientific Library)
  • Thomas Schwinge (GNU Hurd)
  • Andy Wingo (GNU Guile)
  • Ludovic Courtès (GNU Guile)
  • Sylwester Arabas (GDL-GNU Data Language)
  • Mateusz Turcza (GDL-GNU Data Language)
  • Ben Asselstine (GNU Hurd)
  • Bas Wijnen (GNU Hurd)
  • Gianluca Guida (GNU Hurd)
  • Marcus Brinkmann (GNU Hurd)
  • Michael Banck (GNU Hurd)
  • Olaf Buddenhagen (GNU Hurd)
  • Lars S.-Helldorf (GNUstep)
  • Nicola Pero (GNUstep)
  • Nikolaus Schaller (GNUstep)
  • Richard Frith-Macdonald (GNUstep)
  • Dalibor Topic (GNU Classpath)
  • Mario Torre (GNU Classpath)
  • Mark Wielaard (GNU Classpath)
  • Adam Reviczky (GNOME)
  • Andreas Nilsson (GNOME)
  • Bertrand Rousseau (GNOME)
  • Carlos Garcia Campos (GNOME)
  • Christophe Fergeau (GNOME)
  • Dave Neary (GNOME)
  • Dodji Seketeli (GNOME)
  • Frederic Crozat (GNOME)
  • Frederic Peters (GNOME)
  • Lionel Dricot (GNOME)
  • Marc-Andre Lureau (GNOME)
  • Olav Vitters (GNOME)
  • Olivier Le Thanh Duong (GNOME)
  • Pascal Terjan (GNOME)
  • Pablo Castellano (GNOME)
  • Simon van der Linden (GNOME)
  • Steve Frécinaux (GNOME)
  • ….

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