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Linking to the GNU Project

The GNU Project is skeptical of the idea that permission is required for making links to a web page. We try to oppose such a requirement and we suggest that you do too. Anyone is welcome to make links to our pages.

To create a link to our home page, you can use the following XHTML code, replacing the graphics src with whatever art you choose:

<p><a href="http://www.gnu.org/" title=
"The GNU Project"><img alt="GNU" src="gnu-head-sm.jpg" width=
"129" height="122" /></a></p>

We suggest that you use the GNU head art for links to our home page and the philosophical gnu for links to our philosophy page. Other art can be found in the GNU Art Gallery (for example, a bold GNU head). There are some banners you can use. You are free to use whatever art you want! :-)

If you can create better versions of these images, more suitable for links, write to <webmasters@gnu.org>.


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