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Registration for the GNU Hackers Meeting 2017

The annual GNU Hackers meeting is a semi-formal meeting spanning three days and is open to all people interested in the GNU operating system. Typically, the format includes talks, seminars and discussions, as well as a chance for social interaction with maintainers, users and developers of GNU software.

GNU Hackers Meeting 2017

The 2017 GNU Hackers Meeting takes place in Germany from 25–27 August 2017.

Unlike previous years, GHM 2017 will be held away from the metropolis. Also in contrast to previous meetings, participants in 2017 need not worry about finding their own accommodation or meals. These will be arranged for you!

We shall been staying and meeting in the Knüllwald—a rural region in the centre of Germany. The environment is a low mountainous area with dense forests and relatively low population. The venue offers a typically German „gemütlichkeit“ and the seminar room all under one roof.

The programme is yet to be finalised. However we anticipate organised events to last until late afternoon. In the evening, there will be ample opportunity for impromptu talks, informal demonstrations, just chat or—if you want a break— take a walk in the forest. Many people will arrive on the evening before the first day of the meeting.

How to take part

If you want to attend GHM 2017, you need to register and pay the registration fee before the cutoff date. However, places are limited and once all have been taken, no more registrations will be accepted. The registration cost includes accommodation and all meals during the event. Any surplus goes towards subsidising future GHM events.

Attendees will be responsible for arranging their own travel to and from the venue.

How to help

The GNU Hackers meeting has a tradition of organisation by the participants, of the participants, for the participants. Currently, there are still tasks which need to be organised. In particular we need someone to:

If you would like to volunteer to take responsibility for any of these tasks, please write to ghm at gnu dot org.

About the GNU Hacker Meetings

The GNU hacker meeting is an annual event where developments in the GNU operating system are discussed and ideas exchanged. Unlike some larger events it has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, and aims to make all participants feel at home.

Previous meetings have occurred in Bristol, Munich, Rennes, Paris and Dusseldorf.


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