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A Hurd Logo

 [image of a Spherical Hurd Logo]

A lovely HURD logo: a blue sphere on gray backing with the "HURD" emblazoned across it in green lettering.

We thank Teddy Hogeborn <teddy@fukt.bth.se> for this Spherical Hurd Logo.

This picture is available in the following formats:

Hurd Metafont Logo

 [image of a Hurd Metafont Logo]

A large and very handsome logo, in black and white. ``HURD'' is spelled out in calligraphic lettering, with a graph structure to the left bearing four vertices.

We thank Stephen McCamant <smcc@member.gnu.org> for designing the following Hurd logo using Metafont. Here is the source code for this Hurd logo.

It is used on most of the Hurd pages on this server.

This picture is available in the following formats:


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